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RE: Why some people should never have children!

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That was a deep article. I am about to become a Dad for the first time in a few weeks, it wasn't planned but is surely the best thing that ever ahppened to me. I am afraid slightly to bring a child into this world at the moment with the way things are, but as a good person I will do my best to make his life as fulfilling as possible.

To bring a life into this world is something beyond, and must not be mistreated by having kids almost for the sake of it. In the UK i see many mothers that neglect themselves in terms of health and have mutliple children to gain benefits from the government, I don't agree with this behaviour. I guess I don't have much "right" to speak about such things, but if you bring a new life into this world it must be honoured and treasured not something as a commodity.


Congratulations in creating the biggest responsibility for yourself EVER. I am absolutely sure that you are going to be a wonderful caring father that puts the need of their child first. Just did not ask to be here, but it can be the absolute most rewarding experience EVER. There is no rule-book to parenting. Children literally just need guidance, love, protection and of course food...LOL! You are going to love being a parent, there is a reason for every child to be born, and yes, we neglect ourselves often to give our children what they need, but life has a way of sorting itself, in the end we all survive. Good luck and send some photos if baby is born!

That was a very kind reply thank you. I am anxious as hell, but when the little one is born I know i'll transform from Clark Kent to Superman ahah.

Love and nourishment is all anyone needs in this life really. With that we will always survive. I'll share a pic of the little fella when he's born :D

Take care and have a good day my friend.

I vouch for superman all the way! You just have to take this heads on. One day at a time...