Meet Toasteroid: the smart toaster that is connected with the internet

11 months ago
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so this meal should therefore look tasty every morning. With the Toasteroid toaster you can burn every image on your toast with your phone.

Toasteroid: the toaster that is connected with the internet.

Even though I am more a lover of yogurt and fruit in the morning, a toasted piece of bread is okay for me too. This crumbly piece of bread should make us laugh in the morning. The chances of a successful day is greater if it starts with a smile. Just try! Now the only task of a toaster is to toast, but if it also creates a work of art in the morning, this is a big plus. The Toasteroid has this feature. Look for yourself:

What if I could read today's weather on a piece of toast in the morning!? Or send a message to your loved one on her breakfast? Toasteroid can do this!

The gadget, which bills itself as the “first app-controlled smart image toaster,” is currently seeking backers on Kickstarter.

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  ·  11 months ago

It's realy funny! Good for kids!

  ·  11 months ago

yes and seeing that most adults behave like kids today, this should work very well i,d imagine !! Good Lord !