In order to become the 1% you must do what the other 99% won't

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Out of 100 people who love books there are probably 99 people who love reading books while there is only 1 writer in the group. So if you want to be part of the 1%, instead of just reading books you should be writing books. Instead of playing computer games, you should be creating games. Instead of buying things you should be selling things. Out of 100 music lovers there are probably 99 listeners and just one musician. So instead of only listening to music you should be making music.

What 99% of the people in this world do is consume. What the other 1% do is create.

The defining factor of how you are going to be part of the one percent is that you are a creator more than you are a consumer. There are enough consumers in the world, the world doesn't need more of them.

If you want to have a mental shift, the next time you are browsing looking for a blog post to read or a video to watch, you should be thinking about how can I write more blog posts or how can I create more videos. You use the blog posts you read and the videos you watch to learn more and for inspiration, but eventually you have to create something yourself. Only consume the things that help you produce.

What if you created as much as you consumed?

If you really want to be different and you want to escape the rat race that most people live in, you should start thinking about how the 1% of the population actually acts. These people have a different mindset than the 99%.
So begin to make plans on how to create more than you consume. That might be difficult to do, because here in the west we are so trained to consume a lot. But if you want to be succesful, wealthy and happy, I believe that just being more creative and being more of a creator than a consumer is much more beneficial. I believe this helps you to move towards the 1%. Good luck!

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Good topic, is true that sometime is easily to consume, so if we are lazy (I totally am by default ;D) we probably tend to consume than create and it simply remains no time to create! However, even if we reach the goal to create, we need to consume to do it! Consume is part of the path to learn how to produce, and as we know we never stop to learn, but it shouldn't overtake creating! Thanks very good content


Yah true

Good post! I think everyone can do it, if you go for it. It is a change in mindset and don't have anything to do with talent. Everyone can find something where he or she is good enough in to be the 1% / creator. Mindset is all.


When we open our our minds to new ideas, we can create new possibilities. Love that. Kind of reminds me of this quote:

"When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change." -Wayne Dyer


Great post. I totally agree. Thanks for everything you create. If a person is not good at creating, they should keep practicing until they are good. I am probably in the practicing category but I am doing what I can.

great food for mind. Climb the ladder

All right, What would the 1% do differently if the 99% followed everything they did? I've got my own ideas, but I want to know what you (the experienced) thinks... What's the best advice you could give a newb to Steemit starting from scratch? Your opinion is highly respected. - Thanks

Even creators have to consume. But good post.

Great work man!

I totally agree! I would expand on what you wrote.. however, you already covered it all LOL

Resteemed and followed

After reading your post and the content. I thought to myself. Maybe if I reply to his instructions, that could be a first step in my doing something, rather than just sitting. I am not so sure how valuable this is, but hey, I tried. lol
To start a journey, the first step must be taken. I will count this as my first step to encourage myself to be one of the creators, not a total consumer.
Thank you



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@penguinpablo Here is $0.18 as a reward for being kind and paying it forward to @francisk. :)


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Wat is Steen?


Thank you


This post is pretty much the mantra for my whole life! Ever since I wrote my first poem in primary school and moved my violin teacher to write music for it, I realized what a superpower being a creator can be! That is what lead me to being a homesteader as well because I can create the life I want to live. This post really hit home, thank you🌻 Resteemed

@penguinpablo, you just showed that you are a part of 1℅, the creator. I happen to go to steemnow site to check my balance voting power percentage and this blog headline there instantly grabbed my attention. I am yet to check my voting power percentage and here I am reading your blog and completely agreeing with you and feeling immensely happy that I did the right thing to come here to read this blog.

You created something that no other steemian has and that's creating more value for you 😊

I need to get rid of 99℅ attitude and get into the 1℅ mode soon. That's where the treasure lies ☺️

This is an outstanding post! I have read so much about how the 1% thinks different and achieve more each day than the 99%; but this is the first time I have come across this simple but profound concept. Create more than you consume! Thank you so much for this incredible advice. I will be putting it into practice right away.

Very Cool @penguinpablo!

STEEM is a great vehicle for doing just that!

man! fire. i read the title and already knew i would comment. your bang on. we need more voices, more creators, more connection through the things that drive us to open up dialog about those things. fantastic post. upvoted!


Hmm youre not on witness list I thought you were my bad.

One thought I had about this statement:"Only consume the things that help you produce" is that right now, by producing this comment while consuming your content, I'm helping to produce/enhance the Steem ecosystem, and that's the coolness of this platform.
Thanks again @penguinpablo - It's just what I needed to hear to get busy on my next sound poem

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very well said. That's why some are Whales and others are not.

Love the post but I believe it also shows the reality of life. You may love books but may not have the talent to be a writer. Lets not lie and tell everybody to be writers. We must tell them to be honest to themselves and find something they are good at. Some may love their job and be good at it but loving your job won't put food on the table. However if money is not everything than do what you love and find like minded people. Even if you're not rich you can be happy.


I think this too was a part of my initial, knee-jerk reaction to this post. Great point and comment.

There is something so genuine about this post that it's hard not to agree with it, and I do, but it took me a couple of reads. At first blush, something inside of me immediately wanted to buck against the idea of being the 1%. In today's world, and through that lens, it is hard not to see the 1% as the elitist, us not them group. Upon further reflection it dawned on me the 1% you speak of is the 1% that's doing something. It's with that frame that I say I choose to do, to create, and to join that 1%. Thank you for your post.

This is so brilliant! It's so true! There are a lot of consumers but not a lot of creators, When you become a creator you often grow so fast, And can become self employed so quickly.

Well said. I completely agree. I know of some aspiring writers who think that reading lots of books will make them better writers. That is true, because I think you can learn a lot from reading other people's work, but it should never be an excuse to not write yourself. I think a few hours of writing is a lot better for learning than reading 2-3 books!

Your words gave me even more inspiration!

Instead of reading books write books.

I guess you need to be that pimple on someones face.
Everyone can see it and you can't hide it.
(Greatest Analogy Ever)

You are absolutely right, you need a mind of steel and an iron will to succeed. It is very encouraging what you are saying. Thank you

I'm blown away @penguinpablo. I remember the first saying I heard that changed me.

"You have to open up to a Paradigm Shift"

Just wonderful.

Brilliant! The headline alone will be etched in my head forever. It's no fun when you're traveling with the herd when you can break away and do your own thing.

Thanks for this!

Very true!

Awesome post man, we all need that producer mindset. With jobs going bust in the near future, we all need to be Entrepreneurs in our own ways we can.

absolutely agree!

the first step is the hardest: to take action

and after that, people will demotivate you. many of them want you to fail.

do not listen to them and risk something. because if you won't, one day you will maybe regret that you didnt try out. be different!

You are right @penguinpablo most people here on steemit are the same like 99% and want to achieve the rewards of the 1%, so your argument applies to all those, this is also true for every other field of life as well thanks for the nice share...

I love the idea of all of us becoming more focused on what we can create. When we're all creators, abundance will be normal. Just followed ya, onward and upward!

Unfortunately I am still part of the 99%, but really trying to get better so I can also join the 1%. Good article.

Thanks for this beautiful post,i really like this thinking.

All the people I know who read the most also write the most...

I don't think you can, or should, ignore the consumption part as it can help you with ideas and seeing what's good/bad. It's just that you also need to work on the creation.

As with most things, moderation. A little of both.

Upvoted and resteemed. I believe if you believe in yourself and not strive to be like others or walk their path you will be different and will shine bright

Can't agree more. But it is important to remember to have sufficient input in order to produce quality output.

I couldn't agree more with this. Excellent post!

yes the thrill is in creating and if it brings reward -then all the better

Great post, I've always been a creator, a digital Artist, sometimes I feel like giving up because it's so difficult to get your work seen nowadays. I've been at this for sixteen years now. But I get up every morning and press forward. And I encourage the rest of you to do the same. One day it will pay off.

"Out of 100 people who love books there are probably 99 people who love reading books while there is only 1 writer in the group" Exactly the point. That's the difference between making content and copying. Great post. Short but to the point. Love it! Steem on!

This is a good motivational post, i'm in the 1% group!

Great read. Didn't really thought creating means a lot of difference. I've been blogging for quite some time now, in Steemit I just started this month, I also create art and write poetry. So i guess I am partly one of the 1% of people you're talking about.

Thanks for this article. Have a good one!

Great post. Short and right to the point.

Good post, i dont know how to be have much vote, please learn me.

The most annoying part is that the 99% who DO consume usually get upset at the 1% who provide them with what they asked for.... its a double edged sword in a way

Its easy to be a part of the 1% as well, you just have to have a drive and a passion that other people cant ignite within themselves

Love this post! I was just having this conversation with my nearly-grown kids. Most folks wait around for creators to create, so they can consume. They live passively, waiting for someone else to delight them. That puts them at the mercy of circumstances and leads to a shallow experience of the world around and within them.

Far more interesting to me are the creators - no matter what media they choose for expressing their creativity. Creators are problem solvers, people who are awake and aware of the world around them, eager to make the world better rather than just wishing or complaining.

These artists typically called the "White Crows". Feelings of continuous use they are replaced by the desire to Create. I'm glad too, can relate themselves to these people=))))

Just like other platforms, what we need to do here is not just look to earn money but genuinely express feelings and share knowledge. That in my opinion is what would make us different from the 99% . Great post!

Great post. So very true. Liked and resteemed.

Great post, Pablo. I needed this.

So the key point is not to follow the trends, but create them!

Good points made

So true. Well done. been following you for some time now :)

Within Steemit, in its early stages, I don't agree. There's an important role for being a community builder here. That's more than creating content. It's also engaging and providing leadership within a specific interest area. That's one reason I curate for the SteemTrail @foraging-trail.

Steemit is full of content creators that are not putting in effort to build community, real community. Simple, low content comments don't build community.

On my YouTube channel, I definitely create more than consume, because there is a huge potential audience and YouTube has such good search algorithms for finding my content. Steemit doesn't. Steemit's future value depends, in part, on developing an audience of consumers. And that takes engagement, not just content.

Its true for example elon musk.

a fabulous proverb

This is really profound. I have been feeling as though all I do is consume lately. Food, information, entertainment. There is no release BUT to create!

Well said and well written. Interaction is key when it comes to promoting what you create though.

A great post, you've earned a follower ! :)

good post

I'm sorry I don't have much more to add, but this is a great post. Really fitting for here on Steemit!

Instead of just learning about anything, we should be teaching something special !

Steemit is fabulous because it keeps our brains in a constant state of "what the heck do I write next" .

Thats got to be fuelling our minds :)

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I like your post. very educational and right to its very point.

Well said, im an artist and musician have been since I was younger. I had a good friend in high school who was amazing at guitar and gave you in college, it's said this guy was as good as any other amazing guitarists out there. A lot of people give up on there passions in life, it's tough I agree but never give up on what you love. Steem on my friend!

Indeed, creating is so enriching but it can be a slippery slope, probably why most are incapable. However, like most things in life, it can be learned, motivation to do so is another matter.

Great post my friend! I ran across this post from your Steem Now page. What a great app you have put together over there.

The Last Sage

Pretty cool article!!!

Very nice, indeed. Upvoted

It is true, but sometimes you never find what you are really good at, maybe it is writing, but you haven't found what you are good writing about, finding that creativity is the difficult part.

Great post, this was one of my selected post to get inspired to create xD

Yes very true. Gud one

great post, thank you for the encouraging act!

Yes! cool and inspiring post @penguinpablo! so easy to get caught up into addictive consumerism... and missing out the creation part.. but creation changes us to the core, it asks us patience, perseverance, resilience, courage, will, focus, it allows us to build a whole set of values we may not the benefits of the creation mode is huge as you may be the golden key to our highest successes in life.. thanks again. peace

Good post, Thanks for sharing
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Inspiring thoughts!

Good message! Couldn't agree more. Following

always with great posts
fupvoted and followed : )

Very good post :)