Waiting for my Oklahoma Smoker!

in life •  3 months ago 

I am a BBQ lover

I have a confession to make, Barbecuing is in my blood. I love it, it brings good vibes, and there is something immensely pre historic that turns me on, in making your meat sizzle on hot charcoal and wood.

Now I am going to take in to the next level. I have bought myself an Oklahoma Smoker, which can arrive any day now. This is not just BBQ-ing anymore. This is the real stuff, smoking your meat low and slow, keeping temperatures just right, using the right wood, infusing your meat with all kinds of liquids to keep them moist... I just can't wait!


This is the smoker that is on it's way to my home

I am going to spoil the Steem blockchain with foodporn soon, at least, I hope!



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