Immortal alien dreams & Sudden shamanic dancing (podcast/video)

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If we pay attention to most dreams we have, we'll notice that they're normally based around things we were thinking or experiencing during the previous days. Similar to the memory technique where you picture the things you want to remember in a bizarre context, dreams rearrange the images of our lives in a weird way to enhance our recall. However, many of us have dreams which seem to be very different to our waking lives - seemingly coming out of nowhere - leaving us to wonder what they could possibly mean, and where the flying heck they came from. Could it be that our dreams provide messages from other worlds, that we open some strange doorways whenever we sleep? Could you even contact spirits or alien beings through your dreams?

In this episode, Kurt discusses a strange dream involving a humanoid alien who claims to have a "fountain of youth" device, and the epileptic fit and energy bursts that resulted when he tried it. We also discuss how it relates to a previous ayahuasca experience, about downloading dance moves from the universe, and about yogic nadis, or channels of energy, that exist within our bodies. We talk about the flat earth vs the round earth, and Kurt's idea of a simulation earth or super earth. Aaron then shares with us his experience of being a father of an unborn child, communicating with his daughter through kicks, and Aaron tells us about the art of living.

Join us in another spirit-exploding, bedroom-dancing, baby-kicking episode of... The Paradise Paradox!

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