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It sure has been an interesting one!

Soon, 2019 will some to an end. All years do, and as they do people tend to reflect on the events and experiences that happened that year. Today I'm doing just a bit of that and asking you what your favorite experience of 2019 was (so far). A few things stick out to me, but I still have my favorite.


Having a child is one of those precious experiences, even if it is your sixth. This year we were blessed with our newest Little-Pepper "Sweet Pepper." She's been a real joy, and she brightens the days of everyone in our family. Having her added to our family was certainly a wonderful thing.

Also, Mama-Pepper and I were blessed to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. Sure, we may have had 11 other anniversaries already, but it's still a marvelous experience and we are thrilled to still be together after all of these years. These two experiences were fantastic, but there is another one that sticks out as a rare and incredible experience for me.

Yes, this year I received my first venomous snakebite ever. I'm not trying to downplay the birth of a child or the celebration of another year of marriage, but this event certainly sticks out in my mind. I've only been interacting with venomous snakes since our move to the Ozarks in 2015, so I'm still rather new at it. To receive my first venomous snakebite was a great learning experience.

Often, I prefer to be more of a "hands on" learner, and it seems that I'm that way with snakes too. I've had a number of close calls in my time, but this was the first actual bite. It was a surreal and harrowing experience, but I'm glad that I had it and that it turned out so well. For one, I did go to the hospital, but they recommended that I NOT take any antivenin. I was pleased to hear that and returned home to monitor it on my own.

The pain and swelling were not the most pleasant experiences, but it really did help me to learn some things, and gave me the opportunity to do some experiments too. Also, since I was finally exposed to snake venom, now my body is familiar with it... which may come in handy in the future. Anyway... enough about me. What was one of your favorite experiences from this year so far?

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Ugh, Mama Pepper made me cry! It was my dream to have natural drug free births but it didn't work out that way. They were both healthy and that's all that matters. I guess my consolation was only 1 contraction (that I felt) between the 2 births. It was a pretty low key year with many struggles. Being able to overcome by the grace of God and get almost every bill to a zero balance even while my husband was out of work almost the entire year was a huge accomplishment. I also got to travel and meet my favorite author and spent 2 whole weeks with her and her family while she was publishing her final book. I won VIP tickets to a book signing event in Boston where I was able to meet another author I really admire. I hit 1000 followers on my Book blog and joined forces with another amazing blogger and have been planing for the kickoff of a new blog with the start of the new year. I'm hoping that 2020 brings much more growth and positivity. Congratulations on the new addition. All your children are beautiful and wonderful little people. You are truly blessed.

Wow..... awesome experience @papa-pepper
Although a part of me can’t decide if this was courageous or entirely stupid #no offense please
Anyways your posts are always entertaining and daring like this oh
merry Christmas in advance.....cheers

#no offence taken. Thanks @stephenpaul!

Congrats on the SIXTH Baby-Pepper!
Good to see you're still around after that bite! Yeesh!

Man! I was just thinking about you LAST NIGHT!!! (Still got that STEEM Silver Round for you...)

Nice! I finally came back and decided to put some effort back into this place now that the bid bots are pretty well minimized now.

papa-pepper is very brave I'm so scared of snakes what more venomous snakes

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