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Simple communication with children!

When all her classmates used to play together in break, she played alone. She didn't need anybody else to play with. The peon of the school observed this loneliness and abused her sexually for over a couple of weeks.

The small kid, who had no idea what was happening to her, started avoiding the topic of school. The parents realized the change and then the matter came to light. After this, they started her treatment. During the consultation, the doctor's team started knowing about the heinous deed by interacting with this kid.

I read this in article about it which is in my regional language (Marathi) by Dr. Rajan Bhosle.

How to start sexual education?
The question of how to teach, is the biggest faced by parents in the context of sex education. Therefore, before educating the children about sex, parents and teachers should be made aware of the subject. It will be easier to teach the children after understanding the importance of sexual education. If the initiative is taken by government agencies then its more than welcome however it should not depend on such an effort. Instead of depending on such initiatives responsible citizens (now netizens as well) should form small communities around it to propagate the awareness. If at the primary level, the need for sexual education is understood, then I think, it is easy to implement.

How to interact with young children?
The first step is to make children understand the sense of touch and then the sexual organs. While introducing organs to them, use scientific terms and describe to your younger ones in detail. Young children cant understand by themselves the changes happening to them physically and mentally while they grow day by day. Therefore, these changes should be taught in the language which can be simply understood, as in how and why mustache , beard or pubic hairs grow, or why there is a menstrual cycle? Now good mediums like educational videos and pictures are available to help understand. This topic can also be addressed with help of family doctor.

How to start educating about sex in schools?
Schools must include sexual education as a part of their curriculum compulsorily. There should be stages as per the age groups of the children. While explaining this subject the teachers should use various posters, presentations, discussions etc. that can help.


It's too serious a topic to avoid and in developing countries like India its important that the challenges involved in right sexual education are now dealt with cautiously and consciously and we as a society should understand that we create a better future for our next generations. There are so many means of understanding and knowing it wrong way such as pornography. Its our duty to become and remain a civilized society and provide the nurturing that's required by our younger ones.


I have been thinking on various ideas of creating applications that can help facilitate this and also growing a community around brainstorming this. Any ideas are welcome.

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