Zapping The Brain: tDCS

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Every morning that I want to have extra focus, I plug my brain into a battery. Literally. brain plugged into a 9 volt battery.png

While this method (tDCS) has been tested by DARPA (check out my podcast convo with their program manager, here), I can't promise you it's safe, so use at your own risk.

After all, you only have one brain. With that said, I feel like tDCS can be like pouring in super powers to your brain.
pour in liquid electricity to a brain tdcs.png

Look, all of your organs are connected electrically, and there's only so much power you have in your body.
brain heart and lungs all connected electrically.png

Adding a battery to the equation can give you a little bit of Or zap. :)

There are lots of different ways to place the electrodes, each placement is called a "montage" and there'll be a diagram somewhere on the web for it.

Focus, creativity, anti-depression, etc.
tdcs montage placement guide.png

So that's one of my tricks. I would suggest you "give it a whirl", but I'd probably be sued out of existence. So don't try it at home, or without legitimate medical supervision.

As for me, here's the button I'm about to hit...
zap me button.png


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