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The recently held Oscars generated a lot of attention – particularly actor Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning the award for best / lead actor (for those who are not aware, he was nominated numerous times but never won the award). Now I’m sure he deserves the recognition as his performance in the film “The Revenant” was really top notched. However, what really caught my attention was the actor’s acceptance speech.

Any reader who is not privy or those who missed this particular speech, it will be interesting to note that a major portion of it was about climate change. It is about the threat of global warming and how it will affect people in a massive scale.

I would be attaching here a clip of Leonardo DiCaprio’s acceptance speech so you can hear first-hand what he had to say about climate change.

Climate Change and Global Warming – knowing the difference

As you probably guessed, this post is about climate change, global warming, and how I intend to do my part in preserving the environment.

Before moving on, it is important to note what is the relationship between climate change and global warming? Are these two aspects the same or are they different?

Climate Change – Definition and Causes

Climate change is generally defined as the change in statistical distribution of weather patterns when that change lasts for an extended period of time – from decades to a millennia (even up to millions of years).

There are various causes why the climate changes. The natural ones include the following:

• tectonic plates
• solar radiation
• volcanic eruptions
• biotic processes


Global Warming – Definition and Causes

However, scientists have found out that human activities can also (and severely) affect climate change – and this is what we referred to as Global Warming!

Now some people may argue that global warming is not true. They may say that climate change is only a natural phenomenon and that the planet will heal itself. Unfortunately, many scientists tend to disagree.

Thanks to advancement in technology (combining past climate change occurrences and future-based weather models), most of these scientists are almost positive (up to 95% certainty) that global warming is caused by heavy concentrations of GHG (greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere and other human activities.

Here is an itemized list on how human activities contribute to global warming (hence a faster possibility of climate change):

• Heavy usage of energy sources that releases greenhouse gas in the atmosphere (coal, oil, and other carbon-based fuels)
• Deforestation and other activities that causes soil erosion
• Significant changes on land areas and surfaces (particularly reclamation)
• Increasing aerosols concentration in the atmosphere


A photo showing that 2015 is the warmest year on recorded history since 1880. The difference in colors are not design or special effects but actually shows temperature anomalies as inidicated by NASA/NOAA
(Image source:

What happens when the climate changes?

Now that we know what climate change is and how global warming contributes to it, let us now look at what will happen when the climate changes.

Naturally, many readers are probably thinking of another ice age as the likely conclusion (given its popularity on various media and wide depiction). However, just to bring something different in the table, let us remember the definition of climate change. It is the change in weather pattern for an extended period of time. This means that rainfall patterns may change – it may result to a very long rainy season or very short dry season. This could also mean variation of the so-called growth or crop season (obviously, this would greatly affect agriculture-inclined countries). Changes in the hot and cold season for a prolonged time may melt the ice caps, rising sea levels to unprecedented heights, etc…


Extreme weather is also caused by climate change. The chart above shows how extreme weather phenomenon is proportionally rising with time due to climate change.


Aside from extreme weather occurrences, sea levels will also rise due to climate change. The photo above is from a study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The photo clearly illustrates how sea level have risen or changed during each of the twenty centuries of the Common Era.

The bottom line is, climate change will affect the eco system. If the eco-system is altered, it will surely influence way of life and the people or communities that is part of that cycle.

How real is global warming?

At this point, some readers are still skeptical about global warming and climate change. This is normal. Why would you believe something that you just read from some random stranger in cyberspace.

Truth be told, one of this blog’s main purpose is not to persuade people into believing. Rather, this post aims to spread awareness. This post is all about showing and educating that climate change and global warming is a threat that must be handled as now and can no longer be postponed.

This might be the reason why numerous national governments sent their representatives in France to convene and discuss this particular situation.

Different Countries Tackled Climate Change in France (COP21)


Yes folks! You read that right – representatives from 195 countries convened in Paris France last year (November 30 - December 15 to be précised) to what to be known as COP21 or CMP11 with the purpose of discussing and addressing climate change.

Aside from representatives of the 195 national governments, prominent businessmen and famous people also attended the event (Bill Gates, Meg Whitman, Mark Zuckerberg, etc…)


The whole purpose of COP21 is to address climate change. World leaders and other attendees know the impact of climate change and that something must be done. This led to the so-called Paris Agreement – an ambitious and balance plan aimed to reduce global warming by governing and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

There is an alternative source – Renewables!

If a plan is already in motion by our government leaders, why would I still do something? I am just a simple person who can do so little, it might not make a difference!

Unfortunately, some people have the above mindset - which is of course, not the right type of attitude. We must always remember that we are all inhabitants of this planet. We only have one planet and it is definitely worth saving. All our efforts will have a positive impact – no matter how small or big it might be.

If you are unsure on what you can do, then the best you can do is spread awareness. Educate and let people know that aside from coal and other harmful-producing dirty energy sources, there is an alternative one – a cleaner one. These so-called clean sources of energy are called Renewables.

Basically, renewable energy sources are the ones that are natural – solar, wind, rain, tides, geothermal (heat), etc… Nowadays, renewable energy sources are gradually breaking grounds and being integrated by different countries into their electricity grids. China, US, Germany, India, the European Union are just some of the countries that are heavily investing in renewables. Developing countries are also not far behind.

Remember, global warming is a threat that can no longer be ignored. The world needs our help – all our efforts matter.

Here is my role in helping the planet

Take me for example. I used Steemit to submit this blog as I know it is the perfect social media site to submit such posts to spread awareness.

If I posted this in other social media sites, it may go unnoticed. Besides Steemit has this knack for helping (just look at the various charity institutions the site supports).

Remember, every effort helps. Spread the word, educate as much people as you can, There are cleaner alternative energy sources and enjoy living in a better and healthier environment.

I will also include the below photo as it gives out suggestions and activities on how to reduce global warming.

Let me finish this blog by showing you Earth Hour. Earth hour is a one-hour global event held last March 19. It is a movement organized by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to unite the people in protecting the planet.

Anyway, the video below will provide important and significant details about Earth Hour


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