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RE: Remembering How to Read: A Few Tips

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I just posted a sort of erie prediction by a French author from 1985 the other day where she laments people only watching TV in the future and not reading anymore. I LOVE reading and made it my profession basically (prof) but my back hurts when I sit for too long - you are absolutely right about the breaks. You mention ebooks and such, but my favorite is audiobooks. Between my Audible account and library loans of audiobooks, I go through 4-6 books per month on average. I would never have time to sit and read that many books - I listen while I cook, drive, go for walks, etc. And while it's not exactly the same as caressing the pages of a real book, the narrators can really bring the book alive - or make it unbearable on rare occasions. The Illiad is on my list too for some day. I will admit though, that the draw of the phone can be so strong that sometimes even when I'm really enjoying my book during lunch, I feel compelled to check my email - what is wrong with me?!? That's the addiction!
great food for thought.
read on!


Amazing 1985 thing. I was born in 1985. And I love the book 1984 which was also a prediction of the future like Animal Farm.

I've been meaning to re-read 1985 for the longest time! It is one of those books that has really stuck with me, but I know I've forgotten a lot too.

1984 by George Orwell.

I told you I'd forgotten a lot - even the title apparently! ha ha ha
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