[ALL ABOUT MITH and LIT] Social Media That Pays in Crypto Currency

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MITH is listed on coinmarketapp


MITH has a great future and has created an snapchat kinda app built on the blockchain called Lit

All you do is to download app, share pictures, gain followers and likes and earn MITH that you can sell or change to other cryptocurrencies

Download LIT APP here

See official website

Join us on whatsapp


Or telegram


Cc @onyemacourage

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Don't worry it has no referall bonus



After Downloading the App

It's just like snapchat

Register with your phone number or facebook

When you log in, set up your profile

Then go to settings and ensure your phone number, email and Mithril are connect.

Then follow people, like their posts and start posting.

Most Recent Feature
You can now easily change your MITH to ETH in the Mithril blockchain.

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Whats your user brother? Noone likes my pictures lol,

I joined Lit some months ago and earned Mithril
Does it have an Exchange now?


Yes, you could even shift and exchange for etherum directly in the Mithril vault

Never heard about it before so thank you for sharing. I give it a try, its a free money after all.


You're welcome.

A very good social media app. Best way to keep in touch with people.

Courage,you might not remember me, but it's Xasy..