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You might be one of them who prefer to work at night. Night owls are more productive and there are significant reasons behind that. If you are a night owl then you might wonder knowing the ability that you have inside you. Lets talk about why night owls are more productive...

1. Unique Energy Burst

Night owls always have an energy peak that occurs in the evening. They feel more refreshed and ready in the evening than the early risers do. This is one kind of energy burst at the evening that early birds don’t get in the morning. 

2. They are statistically more intelligent

London School of Economics and Political Science conducted a study where they found that there is a firm correlation between higher IQ and adaptive behavior with the genetic predisposition of being night worker. 

3. Night Owls Find More Peace while Working

Night owls always find peace while working at night. The early risers are getting phone calls, emails, texts, and even lots of questions which they have to respond to. But those who work at night they don’t that many phone calls, texts, emails and questions like the early risers do. So those night owls can easily concentrate on their work.  

4. Mental Alertness and Concentration

Night shift workers can get a longer time to remain mentally alert. They can do a lot more work with concentration and alertness than the early risers. 

5. More Likely to Be Entrepreneurial

According to the University of Chicago, those who work at night have a higher propensity for taking risks. They have the making for becoming successful entrepreneurs. If we look at the most successful entrepreneurs we will find most of them as night owls. 

6. Free to Work and Concentrate Properly

There are no appointments or meetings scheduled in the middle of the night which ultimately makes night owls feel free to work and become more productive with better concentration. 

7. Night Owls are More Likely to Be Creative

Night workers are likely to be creative more than the early risers. Researchers at a university in Milan showed that there is a spike in creativity among night owls. They can think out of the box more easily than the early bird counterparts. This ability makes them more creative. 

8. Night Owls are Much More Relaxed

British Researchers found that the level of stress hormone cortisol of early risers is typically higher and the high level stay around all day. In case of night owls, they don’t get the same level of stress hormone cortisol, so they can stay relatively calm all day.   

End Talk

Previously it has been said that working late at night is not fruitful and healthy but in today's world many people prove that wrong. Almost a quarter of the whole world population are night owls and they are doing more than the early birds.  


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