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Every day we do a lot of works and those works need our full concentration to be completed properly. But how many of us can concentrate fully while working. We should follow strictly some rules and techniques to get our jobs done perfectly. The following are the way to increase the level of concentration -

1. Meditation


First of all, it is suggested to do meditation on a regular basis. Meditation helps us reaching our potential in career. We can use meditation as a great tool to improve our concentration. Just spending 8 to 15 minutes a day with meditation, will empower your concentration. It will also reduce your stress and will help you focus properly on your work. 

2. Doing Exercises Regularly


Doing Exercises on a regular basis is very important to improve our concentration. Exercises releases endorphins, which will help you feel more energetic. It triggers a very good feeling in our body, and help us concentrate on things properly. Mind and body are linked to each other. If our body is feeling good then it helps our mind to work perfectly. 

3. Eliminate Distraction


In this digital world of smartphones, tablets, notebooks we all are just surrounded by distractions. If we cannot eliminate all kinds of distraction while working, we wouldn’t be able to concentrate properly on any work. So it is suggested to stay away from phone calls, text messages, and any other distraction that reduces your concentration level. While you are completing your most important tasks, just give your full attention to those tasks. 

4. Do One Thing at a Time, Avoid Multitasking


We all love to do multitasking for being more productive. Multitasking is a good idea, but it lacks proper concentration in any of the multiple tasks. If it the matter of getting concentrated properly, then we should avoid multitasking. I tried multitasking many times and I found that none of the tasks were completed properly. I asked all many persons who love to do multitasking, even they also admitted that they don’t get any of the tasks completed properly. 

5. Creating and Sorting To Do List


To help our brain getting super concentrated it is very important to list all our tasks that we have to do in a day. First list all the works then sort them out according to their importance. The most important tasks should be marked with symbols or number to get them done first then the other works that are less important. 

6. Write To Do List the Night Before

The best time to create a to-do list is the night before. If we list all the works the night before then our subconscious mind helps our brain getting ready for the next day work. On the next day we will feel very well-known and confident about the tasks to be done. 

7. Taking Healthy Balanced Diet


It is very important to ensure that our body meets with the proper level of nutrition. If it is not, then our body will not allow our brain get concentrated. The reason behind this is, when our body lacks nutrition, then it sends messages to our brain to seek food to fulfill its nutritional needs. So we should have a lot of fruits and vegetables with enough carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, wheat, oats etc. 

8. Drink More Water


Dehydration is a major reason for getting difficulty with mental tasks. It also increases anxiety and tensions. To increase the level of concentration it is very important to ensure the flow of enough water within our body. So take water once in every hour while you are working. It will help your brain work properly which ultimately will increase the concentration level. 

9. Listening to Special Music


Music is a very strong tool in case of increasing our concentration level. Specially slow and regular rhythm with no singing. There are lots of concentration music available on internet. Please help find yourself some of those music to help increase your concentration. The chords in concentration music change in every eight to ten seconds which trains the brain to develop a longer period of concentration. 

10. Take breaks After Every 30 to 40 Minutes–


Taking break once in every 30 to 40 minutes is very important to keep the level of concentration. If we continue doing work for a longer time than 40 minutes then usually we lost our mind with the huge information that is getting our brain. We can train our brain to focus for a longer period more than 40 minutes. For instance, the first few day we can take break in every 35 to 40 minutes, then we can take break in every 45 to 50 minutes and so on. In this way we can increase the length of our focus and concentration on tasks.       

I hope this post will help you increase your concentration level while working. Please upvote and resteem it. Thanks for reading.

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This blog is something that everyone needs right now. Thank you for this, @onority! 🙂

You are most welcome.Thanks for reading my blog… 😊

Got to say, I'm easily distracted whether it's with work, studies, or anything else that involves... ooh squirrel! Joking aside, I've found myself looking at a bird opposite my window for about 20 minutes while studying for exams once. (not even exaggerating)

Will try some of these tips to see how well it works.

LOL... Sure give it a try...