The Lack of Patience Causes Anger Which Leads to Destruction.

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I have written about anger on several occasions and I will continue to write about it the more I get things to write.
Anger on most occasions is caused as a result of our inability to exercise patience. Patience is believed to be a virtue and it is indeed a virtue, on most occasions, the lack of patience produces anger which in turn damages things beyond our control.

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I heard the story of a young man who only felt his girl friend might be cheating on him, he trusted her so much that this information grieved his heart, he never thought for once that she could ever do anything to hurt him, so the news got him really upset.
He immediately reached for his girl friend and before she could explain herself he killed her, he got arrested and at the end of the day found out that he young lady was innocent, what if he had just be patient for her to explain or if he had given it to time to allow things to expose how it is.

No matter what happens friends, please know that anger will not make things better, so give it time and allow every hidden thing come out in the happen.

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