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Where ever a woman is, its her choice, unlike what we think, most men live by the dictates of the society, if a woman is being abused... like you said, its her choice, people like you are proof that women have a choice, and some choose to hold back.


Apparently, you didnt get the part where i stated that not all women are as free as i could be and thats simply because something or someone is holding them back.
Do you think the woman being abused loves being abused, its mostly because she doesnt know better or something is holding her back and it is the duty of people that know better to educate them that they don't have to suffer in silence.

My point is some of these women do not even have the choice to fight, they have been brain washed into believing thats the only way things can be. And some, even when they try fighting the society shuts them down.

So not every woman has a choice...some are in the bondage of customs and traditions and societal shackles