Knowledge Is Power

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Knowledge is power
So they say
It is the triceps of what the intelligently mighty
The biceps of that the smart

Knowledge is power
But it is not purely carnal
For it was words that created the earth
So they say, some will say

Pray for knowledge
And get covered
Pray for anything else
And you will still knowlegde

Let the wise come and tell you
Of what he knows
Let the fool come and tell you
Of what he knows

All that differs is knowing rightly
And being informed correctly
Gather with a heart
that yearns for the truth

For the truth is like a water
Opened to the sun
It evaporates fast
Only thirsty gets to taste of it

Before the falsehood-ers
Shovel it off the pavement
And replace it..
With deceptive

My advice:

There is truth in saying "Truth profits".

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You've said it all @ogoowinner knowledge is power .
We need wisdom and understanding in any activities we find ourselves in. I have upvoted your post


Thank you.

Knowledge is something very wonderful and very special, my friend
Really something very special


Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

Knowledge is power indeed and we all have to be careful with our power and not use it for the bad - great poetry!


Thanks very much @uwelang. I appreciate your comment here.


you are always welcome @ogoowinner

such a power packed article tho..inspiring and highly driven. thanks