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RE: An Artistic Breakdown: Strangled

in #life9 months ago

It seems like I want to actually impress people instead of simply producing something...

That is something I can relate too. Your artwork to me is some people kissing, actually putting a smile on my face. If it has an effect on humans it is art, so you caused an effect. (A discussion we had many times at an advertising agency I worked once, in another life. My opininion: if I strikes a nerve it is art.)

Recently I do feel somewhat estranged. This whole Steem thing. Feels like losing a good friend who decided to take his own life.

Nostalgia, back in them days, of miracle and wonder. The first time you wend silent. Worries and glad you returned. Second time: he'll be back, faith.

Sadness, that is what I feel, damned, I came to a place where I could just publish anything, without needing to worry whom I would do it for. Fuckit.

How to move on from here. Would like Steem to move on, but how, don't know.

For what it is worth, you sure produced unique work, which I do appreciate. Because it triggert something, like feelings, even sad ones liked now, but that is Art.

Hope there is more where that came from. Maybe it needs a fork, maybe it wont. Or we get sucked in by a black hole. By that time we'll never know.

Hang in there.


This is why, for nearly four years now, I allowed you folks to explain what you see, rather me telling you what I see. I can place my darkest of thoughts inside these works and you folks come along and see something on the other side of spectrum, every time.

Today, yes, sadness. Not afraid to admit it either. I look around and see the pain everywhere. A lot of broken hearts.

You hang in there too, man. This is a resilient bunch.

A good friend once asked me what I meant with a certain drawing I made. (Old skool style) My reply was: "That does not matter, to me maybe, but I like to hear what it means to you." It was great to listen to him tell me what he experienced.

Keep up the good work!

This is a resilient bunch.

That is for sure, so it is hard to imagine that it will end like this. Do not know how, but there are some who might know how to do it and I think they might pull it off.

You hang in there too, man

Will do mate!

Nicely expressed. Same feelings here. (also with regard to Nonames)

Thanks Amigo, think many of us fellow Steemians experience it in one way or the other like that. That is what binds us together. And makes us strong, as one.

Even though sad, right now, I do still feel this it as many want Steem to move on. And you know the saying: where there is a will, there is a way.

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