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A pay-as-you-go restaurant permit customers to pay what they wanted for meals, recently closed its doors.

Known as an American bakery-café fast casual restaurant, the St. Louis Bread Company, was founded in 1981 in the suburbs of Kirkwood, Missouri.

According to Mr. Shaich, the economics of keeping the location open “did not make sense,” and the store closed Jan. 5.

The café was considered a perfect location because it was
surrounded by county government buildings and other businesses with employees that could afford to pay the suggested price or more. The concept is that would then compensate for those who could only afford to pay a portion or nothing at all.

Unfortunately, after seven years the store had to close its
doors. There were people walking by pulling on the door days after its closing not knowing the café was no longer there.

“People were coming out here and people that worked out
here. People didn’t pay what they were supposed to pay. A worker literally watched someone get sandwiches, and salads enough to feed a group and only drop two dollars in.

Wow, really? Couldn’t believe it and that happened so much there. And no it wasn’t because of the lease either why they closed. It was because people got greedy and was selfish,”

The Bread Company has committed itself to giving back to the community.

It was a great thing when it started for people less fortunate.
But the county workers whom could afford to pay full price, that get nice checks, they took advantage of it, like putting a dollar in for a $10 hot meal.

“The store was a true charitable place, it gave people who couldn’t work anywhere else a chance to work. There was people with disabilities and homeless people that worked in exchange for a meal. It was wrong how people treated

Since it’s opening the St. Louis location served “probably a
half-million meals through this cafe, all at no set prices, as a gift to the community,” said the Manager.
The customers paid, on average, about 85 percent of the suggested price, proving, he said, “that people are fundamentally good.”


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