Parachute & Skydiving GIF Contest 😋 👊 Win SBD! No Upvote, Resteem or Follow Required To Enter!

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What's the prize?

I'm awarding 50% of all SBD generated in this post to my favorite GIF!

Today's Theme?

We like to push the limits and with so many unique extreme sports & activities, there is something for everyone!

What are the rules?

You can only comment with 1 GIF no more or you're out!

Try and be unique with your GIF and think outside the square for those tough ones.

Today to be eligible you must also tell us if you have ever dared to do one of these activities.

If yes, what was it like soaring in the sky looking at the earth below :)

If no would you attempt it one day for the experience or mark off a bucket list?

Deadline for entry?

Completion of Author payout in 7 days time.

Do I need to upvote the post to enter?

No, but any support you can give will build the pot for the winner.

Do I need to resteem post to be eligible?

No, but any sharing of my contests are always appreciated :)

Do I need to hit follow to participate?

I will never force you to follow @o07 to submit an entry!

How do I find a GIF?

You can do this via a google search or on

How will I know if I've won?

I will comment and advise the winning GIF in this post at the end of the contest.

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That's all I have to do?

Correct, just have fun and potentially walk away with the prize :)


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Don't forget to read the rules for today so your eligible!

I have a fear of heights so no way I'm jumping out in the air unless it's a life and death situation.

No I will never ever skydive

that's or cats and crazy people ha

I think I would not try, I'm afraid of height and another type of extreme sport.

Nope, not me now but when I get old I would definitely do it but it has to be with a smoking lady... Haha

Image result for skydive fail gif


I never used the parachute before but i do admire it a lot in movies, especially when used by the military ( Airforce).
I have great interest in trying it out someday especially if I am opportune to join the arm forces

So far I have not had the opportunity to do this type of activity, but I never discard it.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

beautiful travel...

Haven't done it before, but maybe one day if I can bring myself to do it, and only if I can shoot Nerf guns like this on the way down :P

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I am an acrophobic person so I haven't tried skydiving ever since, I think of trying one day but as I see this clip I will never ever try it hahaha.

Congratulations @g10a you're the winner!

The author SBD payout was 3.841 so 50% of this is now in your wallet.

I'm not game to try it either #waytooscary #likemyfeetontheground

Wow! much thanks to you sir @o07. Hahaha you made my day, can I have one of that money dispenser?

Your welcome,

Unfortunately they gun does not come with the prize :)

#itsprettycoolthough #maybeoneday

I am absolutely terrified of heights. When i look at photos taken from heights, or there are scenes in a movies where things are high up, my palms will get sweaty.


This is sick!


its really a great queto....have a nice day

The reason why I don't want to try any extreme activities, it is because of a little possibility of an accident.

Accident is an accident, you can't take it back once it happened.

Lol... :)


This is hilarious!

Yeah i have parachuted many times and i too have
Conquered Fear