Harvest Vegetables on the Home page

in #life4 years ago

Friends of steemit all over the world tonight I will share about very tasty vegetables, namely mustard greens. Why is this mustard plant an alternative choice for us to cultivate? Because mustard or caisim plants are very easy to cultivate in addition to other vegetable plants.
Vegetable plants are one of the mainstay plants in my village. Many Acehnese farmers cultivate various types of vegetable plants. This is caused by the climate in Aceh which is used to grow vegetables of many types, both lowland vegetables and highland vegetables.

Among the vegetable crops that are easily cultivated are caisim or mustard greens because caisim is very easy to develop and many are fans and use it.


In addition, natural fiber and healthy vegetables still have many benefits. The benefits of mustard are very good for relieving itching in the throat in cough sufferers. Headache healing, blood cleansing ingredients, improve kidney function, and improve and facilitate digestion, and the following picture of mustard harvest in my village thank you.


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