fruit a million Benefits (Mangosteen)

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Good afternoon, good afternoon friend, Steemit, on this occasion I will share about the fruit with a million benefits, namely mangosteen. So far, the problem that is often faced by mangosteen farmers is that the quality of the fruit produced is still not good.

Because the handling of harvest and postharvest fruit in the Harvest garden is not maximized. The skin and flesh of the fruit are injured and gummy because of the way to pick, the use of stringed instruments, and the inappropriate transportation process.
Mangosteen is usually harvested with sticks and dropped. That method of course makes the fruit bruised, broken and a lot of gummy, so the operation and maintenance.

This tool consists of a net that is plunged into a wire frame, a hook that functions to release fruit, guide the fruit to ensure the loose fruit enters the net, and the picking rod that functions for the connection with the pole.
The existing mangosteen harvester is not using hooks, so it is difficult to remove fruit from the branches. This mangosteen harvester uses a hook on one of the net frames to prevent the fruit from falling to the ground, and try to see the mangosteen after I pick thank you.



uniqe fruit, I never see this before

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