Hoo Kudda Be Kadda Ba Kadda Boo?

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Hoo kudda be kadda ba kadda boo.  Kadda ba kadda be kudda boo kudda ba?

Kadda boo kadda ba kudda be kudda hoo!

NoNamesLeftToUse - Hoo.jpeg

Kadda Ba

Kadda be kadda boo kuddu be.

Kadda boo kudda ba. Kudda be kudda boo kadda ba kadda boo.  Hoo kudda be?  Kadda ba kadda be kadda ba kudda boo.

Hoo kadda ba:

  1. Kadda boo
  2. Kadda be
  3. Kadda ba

Hoo kudda be:

  1. Kudda boo
  2. Kudda be
  3. Kudda ba

Kadda boo kudda be kudda ba kadda boo, kudda ba kadda boo.  Kadda be kadda ba kuddu boo, kadda be kudda ba kudda be kadda boo kuddu ba.

Hoo kudda boo?

Kadda ba kudda be:

NoNamesLeftToUse - Kadda Be.jpeg
Kudda boo kudda be kadda ba kadda be.

Then I'm Sitting Here Thinking:

How long can I really go on like this?

I wrote that last night while laughing my ass off the entire time.  I thought it was the greatest joke ever!

I planned to carry on and write an in depth report on something, using the same gibberish throughout.  I wanted to include random, nonsensical videos, plenty of diagrams that mean nothing, and at least five thousand words.

Now, I've published some experimental humor here in the past.  Sometimes I freak people out, sometimes they laugh and play along.  I got up to that chart and thought, self, are you sure the world is ready for something like this?

The Answer is No

Too soon.

Yet, before I publish this, as I'm writing now, I can already sense the smiles.  I know some of you smiled when you saw that mess.

Then I think of those people who don't know me, or the folks who feel as if someone clowning around is a waste of life.  It gets worse.  I start thinking about how, when I'd prefer to be taken seriously, people won't take me seriously because of my history here of being a goof.  It gets worse.  I start thinking about how some would be embarrassed to support my work, fearing what their peers would think of them if they saw their name on the list of voters.  That's a lot of mess becoming unraveled as I sit here trying to be funny—and it doesn't stop there.

What the fuck is wrong with me...

It morphs into that.

They study the brains of athletes who've suffered multiple concussions before and after they die.  Why do these athletes become depressed and self-destructive?  Why do they turn to drugs?  Why do they die so young?  Why, why, why?

We've lost so many funny people.  They're not taking blows to the head; yet they become depressed and self-destructive, turn to drugs, some die young.  Why, why, why?

I don't know why.


That's enough thinking out of me for one day.

Hoo kudda be?

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"Kadda be kadda ba kudda boo kudda ba!"

© 2018 @NoNamesLeftToUse.

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Kadda boo, kudda ba kadda boo

Kadda boo kadda ba kudda be kadda ba.

Be kadda, ba kadda boo?

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Hoo kadda baah!


Best TA I have seen in a long while! Thank you for the valuable investment info.

You're welcome! Please do spend all of your profits in one place!

hahaaa I 'LOL'd' actually and you're right...it was at the chart LMAO

Next time I'll include the American football play diagrams and the video about shopping carts.

lol deal!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (because we love Mary Poppins)
Akata makata soo koo too be (this is a real phrase from a game in Greek)

They're not taking blows to the head

Yes, sometimes not getting blows to the head can cause really bad mood and sometimes even lead to depression...

PS: We are supposed to have fun here, why get yourself "chained" to all this "fear of indecency"?

I'm still having fun. I just thought I'd share what the thought process turned into. Those things haven't held me back in the past and I'll still be pushing forward. I still managed to get a few laughs with the shortened version of this joke, so that's good. I would have deleted the entire thing and nobody would ever know about it if I was truly holding back. Some folks fear sharing thoughts openly and for the same reasons.

It's good you didn't pretend it never happened. Sometimes I feel I don't let my silly side show, I mean I like the playful posts I make, buf I can't just go and post all those weird stuff that go around my brain (basically it's the autovotes that put me off, I don't want to abuse people's generosity).

It's something we all experience. Holding back being ourselves because we think others expect only portions.

Recently I wrote a couple of Steemit related posts. That got a lot of attention, I gained quite a few followers. I rarely wrote anything about Steemit before. From time to time, sure. Now are these new folks expecting me to drop the art and entertainment? Are they now wondering why I've changed so much since they met me, while not realizing I'm still the same guy they never knew.

Arghh! You totally stole my idea.

I mean Kuda Buda ba Kudaa ku ku ba

But yeah, now I can't post it. Or I could, but then it would look like I were stealing your work, mostly because I would be.

Confused yet? No? Then we've got work to do.

So, apples.

I doubt I'm the inventor of gibberish joke blog posts. Give it a go! See where it takes you. If it sucks, blame me!


Well, I didn't just mean gibberish blog posts. I meant writing the entire thing as a nonsensical, unintelligible bunch of gobble-de-gook. I mean, it's fun, but I can't really see many people doing it.

After all, my screen is only so large.

Ok, I thing that one probably requires an apology. That was bad. that was really, really bad.


(Why are there so many potato songs?)

Never mind, not attaching the fourth one because it's too disturbed, even for me. And that seriously says something.

I legitimately just looked up potatoes song on youtube, I was sure that I would get something.


Wait, to which word do you refer?

Is it the one we call pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis? Because if so, I understand why you just said "word"

OMG! I thought I was the only one left in the world with pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!
That explains the exceptionally unique outlook on the world that you have!


I did smile at the title, and then I did wonder if you were going to write the entire thing like that, and whetther or not a translation would be provided XD

I think people can tell when you're being serious and when you're being funny and when you're being seriously funny or funnily serious and if people are obsessed with social standing we can still have fun without them.

I go through much of the same thought process with nearly everything. It's not always so brutal, but I do ask questions. Oddly enough, things go well. I go through with it then come out feeling great because I didn't bomb. Every dumb post is such a relief.

I've written one line jokes that I think aren't that funny that have gotten much bigger laughs than planned out bits and sketches that I think are hilarious so I know the feelings you describe here.

Sometimes the funniest things I've said have come by way of responding to comments. Two seconds of thought can compliment a bombed joke that took hours to write quite nicely somehow. Just can't force it, right? At the moment I'm not feeling the funny part of my brain, so I'm just rambling words. Feels like mush.

Classic downward spiraling thought pattern. I'm excellent at that. I can do it in my sleep. I find it hard to imagine that anyone would be embarrassed to support your work, but that was also the last thought on that spiral, which is generally the most irrational. (The word "irrational" tried to turn into "Italian" - good try at sabotage Auto Correct.)

I think funny people are often pretty smart, and smarts make for more thinking, and more suffering. It's a burden, carrying around all that brain. Totally worth it though.

That stuff does easily spiral out of control. Then other, unrelated crap likes to mix itself in. Mind overload. Overlapping thoughts.

In the words of the great Pootie Tang

It works so well on screen or in person. Instant classics.

"They're not taking blows to the head; yet they become depressed and self-destructive, turn to drugs, some die young."

I think it is hard to be happy and funny. If everything is peachy all the time, you never have to learn to find humor in things.

That's usually how it goes. It seems to be easy to laugh at how ridiculous things can be.

Hoo Kudda Be Kadda Ba Kadda Boo. Since the letters of all those words are capitalized I am going to assume that those words are names of people.
So, there are a group of people with the names; Hoo, Kudda Be Kadda BA Kadda Boo. I wonder what they were doing?
Or they could be places?

They're only capitalized in the title or at the beginning of sentences.

I was trying to be cleaver. I must be in a mood to organize chaos today.

It's very important that, notwithstanding the words are important but also the subtext is a part of something grand. That's without even implying that the kudda and the boos are a way to escape reality in the larger sense of living. For all the charts there is a greater booya meaning.

A thing to consider deeply.

I've been thinking about this for over an hour and I'm still not there yet.

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Don't worry, with time you will acquire the.

Hoo? Chicory chic challa challa checkeloromy in a bananica, bollica wollica can't you see? chicory chic is me

Remember that day I wrote something awesome and many new folks came along to leave comments? Then I intentionally responded with lengthy and nonsensical ramblings about nothing...

Yeah... I haven't seen to many of them since. LOL! If only they knew I was joking...

That's why you're the man himself :-D

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Hey you- I found gammy, she's in my recent post hahaha!

Nonsensical rambling is FUN, it's pretty damn hard to please people with no sense of humor when most of your stuff is comedy!

I hope to find that groove again. I've been funny lately, sure. I've been serious as well, which hasn't been a waste of time. I'm being hard on myself though. Like I said, looking for that groove, if there even is one. Things have been bringing me down, and I don't like that. I don't want to push it onto others. It's easy for me to feel invisible with a big yellow cover that says Hoo. I checked the hot list to see what's up, see what's new. Scroll down, count comments. How many posts does it take to add to the amount of interaction here. Quite a few. I'm happy to see others doing well...

Hoo kudda be! Those who on't get it have not invested the time to get to know you and follow you work. You cannot please everyone. Do what you are called to do. HOO KUDDA BE!!!! HOO KUDDA BE!!!!

You need some tsh tsh tsh for drums. Please put it in your will that I be allowed to attend your brain autopsy. It will be awesome!

You'd get to see where I've been hiding the Fruit Loops.

Oh...maybe you shouldn't have said that...I may want to see it sooner now...

It's around the corner, past the soggy Frosted Flakes.

Can I punch that useless grey stuff out of the way?

I was expecting to read that you'd just come back from the dentist. Glad that wasn't the case.

We've lost so many funny people. They're not taking blows to the head; yet they become depressed and self-destructive, turn to drugs, some die young. Why, why, why?

Maybe the funniest people are the ones who are the ones hurting most inside, and that becomes the fuel for the humour? Present company excepted of course...

One of these days I'll come back from the dentist. I have an infinite wisdom that requires removal.

And I really don't know what it is. Some answers are meant to remain as questions.

Oops, missed seeing this. About 40-mumble years ago, my then-dentist told me my wisdom teeth were growing in sideways and would have to come out before they caused problems. I couldn't afford to have it done, so I ignored it. They're still there...

I wonder what @grammarnazi has to say about all of this.

I'm certain the reason why it's not here to help is because it's head exploded.

Kadda boo kudda ba. Kudda be kudda boo
I think its a word or names of people but assuming what are they going to do..