An Artistic Breakdown with a Mental @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself as Your Host

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Good evening or whatever the hell time it is where you live.
My name is @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself
I am a wonderful artist who does cool things.

NoNamesLeftToUse - The Scary White Man Sleeps.jpeg


You've seen my work around the happy neighborhoods?

I'm sure you have because I am quite famous around here and that's just how it is.

Today I was busy working on my latest project and now I'd like to shed some light on my wondrous behind the scenes adventures.


I realize many of you out there expect only the best from me.

And I try. I try so fucking hard some days and end up coming up with some amazing things like:

NoNamesLeftToUse - Siting on a Cloud of Steps.jpeg
Sitting on a Cloud of Steps

NoNamesLeftToUse - The Looker.jpeg
The Looker

NoNamesLeftToUse - Right Back Where I Started.jpeg
Right Back Where I Started

Isn't that shit awesome?

Yes, yes it is.

But I have to tell you folks something and this may come as quite the shock to some of you.

I am not as perfect as you think I am!

It's true, so true. The sad truth. Behind the scenes here is no walk in the park to the picnic with rainbows and sprinkles at the unicorn festival, that's for sure.

Some days are like living in a prison cell located inside God's ass while he's pushing out a shart.

And it sucks!

It fucking sucks dangling donkey balls and I freak the fuck out!

Take this for instance:

NoNamesLeftToUse - No it's not finished.jpeg

What the fuck is that!

An incomplete piece of shit! That's what!

I spent two hours making something I don't even want to finish now!

I got to that point, I looked at him, I love building up new characters, I've done it several times, I like those guys, but this! What the hell am I supposed to do with that!

I still have to make the eyes, the mouth, blend everything, fix flaws, everything you see is just the base and that means I still have many more layers to add before it looks anything like my avatar up there or these folks:

NoNamesLeftToUse - Wicked Warren.jpeg
Wicked Warren

NoNamesLeftToUse - The Helper.jpeg
The Helper

NoNamesLeftToUse - Mohratard.jpeg

NoNamesLeftToUse - Meanchester.jpeg

NoNamesLeftToUse - Two-faced Cat Lady.jpeg
Two-Faced Cat Lady

NoNamesLeftToUse - Belinda.jpeg

Luckily for me...

My beloved Sarah has been returned!

BelovedSarah - Copy.jpeg
My Beloved Sarah

So I slice and I chop and I stab and I jab!

I missed you, Sarah!

NoNamesLeftToUse - You're dead now.jpeg
He's Dead Now

I'll Be Okay

Life goes on.

Not everything works out in this world. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, and I don't have a problem with that.

I will not let these failures bring me down or hold me back. They only make me stronger and when I kill a project I feel that energy coursing though my veins, it's a rush, and I don't mind the buzz. I'll do it again and again until everything is dead around me, then I'll chop down the trees and show them who's boss, too.

Being an artist is not easy but when you know how to take care of rage like I do, everything will be coming up roses or whatever and that's just how it is.

So whatever, that's what I did today, I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry in advance for not making the trending page again and all that plus some yadda-yadda-yadda and...

Have a nice day!

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
"The first one to tell me to relax and calm down gets a Sarah to the face!"

© 2018 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.

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That’s ok, no one is perfect. Believe it or not, I’m not perfect either. One thing I know what you and your art is “Original”.
BTW: I watched some movie yesterday and as you mentioned:

You've seen my work around the happy neighborhoods?

I’ve seen your art there. Take a close look at picture behind the moderator.
And here you can see it much clearer.


Yeah, it's orginal, and I do it all for Steemit and you folks. Maybe that's another version of me you saw. This is only one life I lead.

I kind of liked the new guy until he met Sarah. Why didn't you like him/her/it?


This is just my sick twisted humor. I still have every layer saved and I'll get back to working on him whenever I want. Today just wasn't that day though! I thought I'd have some fun. And yes, I realize now, this far in, many don't get the humor here. I decided to just have more fun today. Going nuts is hilarious to me, but it's quiet here, again... so whatever I'll fucking try again tomorrow.


It sure is twisted and I keep coming back! lol

Umm... I don't mean to sound forward, but can I get Belinda's number!... She's hot!


She doesn't have a number. You have to write a letter.


Lol... Ok then


The first time my sanity was defiled ( at least the first time I was able to remember the aftermath) was when a street dog tore my cat apart -

No idea why the fuck I shared that................


I have no idea why I did this today...


I guess impulsiveness is the order of the day............

Relax, calm down.

You are in Canada, right?

Anyway, the one called "Sitting on a Cloud of Steps" is brilliant. I don't know why it struck me like it did. Keep Sarah away from that one, please.


Sarah won't touch that one. Don't you worry.

Is Sitting on a Cloud of Steps new? I don't recall seeing that one before. So detailed. It looks like I could find some constellations in there.

It seems like I recall a lot of your scary posts starting out with an up close view of your profile picture. It sets the mood :)


That's an older one. I made it in February and the only reason I remember that is because I was listening to February Stars by the Foo Fighters when I decided to add those stars in. I worked on that one for quite a few days, on and off. It's one of my favorites.

I like using the avatar from time to time as a cover image but lately I've been using that odd 'Success' image I made with the blood and the fang sinking into flesh when I go on one of my murderous rampages.

I like your strange art and attitude, thanks for doing what you do. Especially the two faced cat lady. Ill follow, I like unique people.


I appreciate it. Welcome to my madhouse. I'm not always a freakshow like this but whatever, it's fun.

"feel that energy coursing though my veins, it's a rush, and I don't mind the buzz." Does that make you a serial project killer?

Being an artist takes a special kind of person. Not everyone can do it. The mental state has to be a little peculiar and the creativity needs to be above the norm. You do well in what you do.

I could see a comic book with some of your characters interacting in it. It may not make the trending page but it sure would be fun to enjoy


Yeah well there's the problem. Having absolutely no chance now at getting anywhere here means I'd be wasting my time putting this cast together and putting on a show. That was the plan from day one but this place changed and now all it takes is a few bucks to make the front page instead of working my ass off... so wtf? I've had a few beers today, thinking about life, and I can't figure out why I keep trying so goddamn hard to get anywhere here when I know damn well someone will just shove us all out of the way with their lame ass excuse for content.

As I was scrolling down reading your story I noticed that your complete piece of shit art actually looks like it contracts and expands when scrolling it up and did something right with it to give it that appearance, I sat there for a couple minutes scrolling it up and down trying to figure out exactly why it appears a such. Do it really fast once and it freaks you out.


I'm not seeing the effect this time around. Total fluke. As I'm producing some of these images, if I catch my eyes playing tricks on me, I tend to do everything I can to leave it there so hopefully others have the same experience. This time I was straight up just messing around without much care in the world.

The Looker sure is a cool looking photo.

I don't know, I think the pink monster pig kitty has something- the nose is 3D for one thing, it's reaching out of the page to sniff at me.

I hope you kept him, if you didn't it would be a pink monster pitty...

P.S. Sarah is rude as hell

all it is amazing... it is different as usual painting... why the creature in last photo "is dead now"?

really amazing colors, you are a great artist I love your work you are the best

I am not as perfect as you think I am!
We all are not. However, i appreciate even the little efforts you have put into this amazing community.

I love your skill and would really love to be your student.
Please would you be my teacher?

Thank you for sharing:)

That thing was a werewolf, you had to kill it. Sarah must be made of silver.

I love. Congratulations. good job!!