What's The Cheesiest Pick Up Line You've Ever Heard?

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Do Pickup Lines Work?

A friend told me that in some cultures, "cheesy" pick up lines aren't cheesy. They're legitimately considered romantic, apparently.

I know I've heard a lot of good ones coming out of Mexico, haha. Are these pick up lines in Mexico really considered romantic? Please let me know!

Because as an American, to me, they're cheesy and make me laugh.

But hey, making a girl laugh is still a pretty good reaction, right?

I don't know! I'd love to get your opinions on this! Especially from the ladies!

A lot of girls I've asked from the states say that they think pick up lines are cheesy or stupid and that they don't work.

So here's one of the cheesiest pickup lines I've gotten:

"Don't smile when you go outside to watch the meteor shower tonight. Your smile will be so bright that no one will be able to see the stars."

Drop yours in the comments! Cheesiest line wins a virtual picture of cheese!

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I love your drawings and super cool steem rose.
banana shirt =) =

"Hi, do you have a personal trainer? 'cause if not, I think you and I could work out." 😘

51E01A45-D86D-4842-A5A5-6F3FB13D2239.jpeg Eiffel for your Mene <3

Lol my favourite local one liners are

  • Hey Gorgeous, jy lyk soes a perd vat dors is ( which translates to hey gorgeous you look like a horse that is thirsty)

  • As die treinspoore soe lyk hoe lyk die staasie ( which translate to if the train tracks look like that what does the train station look like)

More mainstream ones I’ll have to go with

Do you like sales? Because at my place all clothing is 100% off

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Hahaha, that sales one is great!

Looking like a horse that is thirsty doesn't sound super complimentary to me...


Lol it’s not particularly complimentary but it loses its appeal translated into English the point is that it’s a rhyme scheme

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Great line! Happy Thursday.

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In Central America, the boys just go 'sssss sssss' with their mouths at girls they like... like a succinct snake. Much to my disappointment, I didn't get a single 'sssss ssssss' (except from my friends which more like pity ssssssss's) but our female friends got it all the time... sexists.

I've heard "Did it hurt?" "What?" "Falling from heaven" which is so cheesy I've actually seen it work. I know dudes that think if you can get a girl to groan or roll her eyes, you're in.

Haha you know you're not a native English speaker when you have to read that picture 5 times to finally get it :D

and IMO pickup lines don't work, so I can't offer any from my empty repertoir :D...but as u said, making girls laugh does for sure ! :) I actually think it works even more than any other romantic stuff..at least from my experience :D

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I don't personally use pickup lines because I don't see them working better than a "hi, what's your name?" That or I just can't remember any good ones.

Are you an avocado? Because you are the good kind of fat.

I don't see that working. :)

Wow! This is really timely for the Steemfest-goers! :D I hope they all buy your merch.

You're going, right?