Taking over the patio

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baby goat 1st.jpg

Our new goats are already attached, and choose to spend more time on the patio than in the garden. Of course this is not always good since they have completely destroyed the patio (the evidence is in the photos!) and leaving the house means watching where you put your foot! The new baby is copying the others and also likes to spend more time on the patio. In the near future, the patio will have to be fenced so that it's human space!

baby goat 1.jpg

And as if the mess wasn't bad enough, the goats camp outside the front and patio doors, which make it difficult to leave. When they are not sitting or taking a nap in front of one of the doors, they are trying to get in whenever the doors are open for a few seconds. The other day, the big brown managed to squeeze past me and I had to immediately use force to remove her as she almost walked into the burning wood-burner in the living room. So this is what a typical day now looks like!!

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it might be a bit messy but this little goat is super cute haha !

True! That makes all the mess bearable :)

I agree, sooo cute just wanna hug this little pie😊

Thank you! She is super cute and cuddly :)