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The journey towards Realization necessitates the reunion of the self. But, what does it mean from a spiritual point of view and in what way does it relate to relationships and True-love in particular?

A proper understanding requires to remain open to new ideas and to broaden the mental box in which you live. So breathe deeply, relax and when ready carry on. I will try to explain it in plain and simple words and as remote as possible from the science-fiction jargon.


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You are aware of your human self, which is the person you see each time when you look in the mirror. That person has feelings, thoughts, wishes, desires and a life that it lives. Now, imagine that your mirror reflection came alive and began to conduct a life of its own in the mirror world. That reflection carries one attribute of yours, be it, for instance, your short temper, and disassociates itself from its creator, that is you, drifting away to live its own life in its mirror realm. Now, imagine further, that each time you look in the mirror you create a new reflection, a new such aspect that adopts another character of yours and disassociates from you to have its own free life in other worlds and realms. How many such aspects have you created so far? Millions probably. Let's carry on with this metaphor which, by the way, is more real than you may think. Imagine that You, the human self that is reading this article now, IS a mirror reflection of a grander creator than you are.

This grander creator, let's call it Self, has once looked in the mirror in its realm and instantly created You.

Like you, there are many aspects of that Self that are connected with their creator to some extent. Some of the aspects are closer to their origin than the others, just as some of the aspects that you created – your mirror reflections – are less disassociated from you than their peers.

Let's recap

There is a web of identities, connected with each other by strings of consciousness, some stronger and thicker than the others. These identities are connected to You in some way and while you may be aware of some of the identities you have no recollection or connection with most of them.

The main difference between all those identities is their level of self-awareness. While Self is aware of You and all its other aspects, and while You may be aware of all your various faces and reflections (aspects too), not all of the aspects are aware of each other or of their creator. Your child aspect for instance or your deeply wounded aspect from previous lifetime are not aware of You. They live their quiet or not so quiet lives, thinking that their experience are all that there is.


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But once in a while, something unique happens.

This era in human history is such a time. It may happen that the You aspect of Self, the same one you are fully aware of, has chosen to embark on a task on behalf of Self and behalf of all the other aspects. Self has created You and set you free to live a physical life knowing that You would have the potential to collect all the lost aspects, to bring them back home to the Self. Once you fulfill the task Self will be able to move on to other worlds and higher levels of living. The task that You have taken on yourself is of the utmost importance. You are the emissary, the sole responsible for collecting the fragmented aspects across the realms of existence.

Now, before I go further, I must emphasize that You are not responsible to save the world. My words might have colored your mission as something that relates to a superhero but you must remember that other human beings may or may not have the same mission for their own Selves and only they are responsible to fulfill their mission. Having said that, most humans around you nowadays do not share your position and are themselves dormant aspects, waiting to be recollected by another aspect of their self that will appear one day. That too does not make you better or more special than they are. Remember that. Vanity on your part will create more unbalanced aspects that will need to be reassembled, and guess who will have to do the work? You of course. So carefully choose your thoughts and words.

How to reassemble

The process is not mental. You do not schedule a meeting, in your dreams, for example, to meet your aspects and to try to convince them to come home. Some of them would scare the H** out of you and you would not want them as friends, let alone parts of you. No, the way to bring them back is by creating a safe space in your current life, by breathing, by having the compassion to them no matter who they are and what they did and by living in the now moment. Once those elements are practiced the aspects will find their way back. They want to and so it shall be.


This is what Truelove is all about. The reunion with the various aspects of the Self. Your path on the Truelove trail will bring you many relationships, romantic and others, that will give you ample opportunities to reunite the aspects. You will be taught to reach a place of inner peace, compassion, love and "living in the now" mode of consciousness. You will be able to have a loving relationship with a spouse if that's what you will choose. But your main focus in this lifetime will be your connection to your Self and the integration of the aspects. This is The lifetime.

You may ask how much time will it take? And I ask you in return – why does it matter? Just live your life in the moment, enjoy it, love and be loved, prosper and flourish, create and build, be abundant and share. Enjoy and have fun. What more would you ask? Everything else will take care of itself, will fall into place.


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Oh, I love this post of yours! Thank you. And, I find this especially helpful advice in this re-gathering of self, and the loneliness/otherness feelings that creep in when I find it difficult to find other's to connect with who are on the active part of this journey.
That too does not make you better or more special than they are. Remember that. Vanity on your part will create more unbalanced aspects that will need to be reassembled, and guess who will have to do the work? You of course. So carefully choose your thoughts and words.


Thank you for the feedback.
I try humbly, with my words here, to ease the loneliness. Energy wise. :)

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