Nicole's working moment #4: Opening of Dino pop-up store! 期間限定店開幕啦!

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Work with Nicole ✍🏻

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My first Dino Pop-up store in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 had already opened!


Have you seen this cute Fifi yet?
I believe some of you may see it on social media platform like Facebook and Instagram already! Yes! It's Fifi!

我相信你們可能在Facebook/ Instagram 已經見到Fifi 這個可愛暴龍公仔了!對啦,就是她了。

Nicole's design - The soft toy Fifi @pop-up store


Meet the T.Rex Pop-up Store

Location: ifc mall, Hong Kong
7th-27th June, 2018
10:00-22:00 Everyday 💕



Remember this cute Fifi? A cute Dino toy designed by me, you may see the ideas and development in my previous posts!

這隻爆牙小暴龍是我設計的啦💕 你可以去之前的文章看到更多設計概念和生產過程啦❤️

From concept to production to merchandise.... it has been already 4 months!
And today, you will see all these come true!


Apart of Fifi soft toy, I had been working on the Story book layout and activity book with my team too! It's a set of 2 books for children.


Here's also come with Fifi-pocket tee! Is it cute? Also designed by me💓 ( but only kids size available!)

當然還有我設計的Fifi口袋T shirt 啦啦👏🏻 可是只有童裝啦!



All purchasing from pop-up store will donate to support charitable activity.

Highlight of the "Meet the T.Rex" event at @ifcmall


This is Tad, The American Dragon, the dinosaur fossil of a T-Rex.
The first time exhibits to public.
We had spent lots of time to bringing him from German to Hong Kong!

If you are fans of dinosaur, you should come to take a look and keep your eyes on my post! 😘😘

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Congrats!! Very exciting for you to see your ideas come true🖒☄ good for you dear @nicolemoker!
I love the name fifi!! Hes so cutttee!!

Thank you! 😘

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Wow...lovely Fifi, I will see the movie Jurassic Park tonight😎😎

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去睇下啦💕 條暴龍骨值得睇

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一次過出左好多產品🙈 黎睇下囉

has open hour? I usually off at 1930 in Fortress Hill

Closer at 10pm 😘

Congrats! Seeing your design becoming a real thing must be very satisfying!

Thank you ! 💓

So strong ! G CHI !

What does G Chi means? Haha


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