Nicole's little moment: Review on 7days hair colouring | 妮可的時光: 7天彩染測試

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Hi steemians, ❤️

I had tried out the new colouring conditioner from Korea yesterday! I would like to share the hair colouring review to all of you!


7 days hair colouring - pink brown

How special is this hair colouring?
Acturally it is not a hair dye, it is hair moisturing treatment with color tint! The colours will only keep for about 1 week, it depends on how often you washed your hair :)

This is the colour I bought, pink brown:p
Missha - PINK BROWN 7 days colouring $22hkd/ $3USD

For long hair length, 2 packs (25ml each) is needed. ( unfortunately I only got 1 pack 😭)

Does it work? Yes!


Before & After

Before : Hazel brown colour
After : Brown colour with pink highlight ? The colours is tinted obviously on the pre-dyed hair.

Under sunshine

You can see the hair colour difference under sunshine. I absolutly love this new hair colours!!! It looks unique and brings me more ruddy.

Don't hesitate, grab one and try it! Let me know if you had tried other colours. I will defiantly try the other colours soon! ( it only keeps for 7 days, no worries to try aggressive colours haha :p)




Girl U SOOO it.

Very interesting post,

I like your story, and the photos you post I like very much, I'm one of those people who likes wana-hair color, and I'm very inspired with your impormation, basically I like your post.

a very interesting post. I like your posts.




I hope it can last forever >< the colours are supppppper pretty !

only the colour pretty XD


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