"Carector of lion" thought in hindi

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Good morning guys ..
I am back with new thought

From Experienced lion learned how to being silent ...images(13).jpg


Roar hunting its not done...

Shouting Dogs to get the feeling of being aliveScreenshot_20180831-112653.jpg

But the silence of the forest sine of
Lion's Presence...images(15).jpg

तजुर्बे(एक्सपीरियंस) ने शेर(लायन) को खामोश(साइलेंट) रहना सिखाया है
क्योंकि दहाड़(शॉट) कर सिकार(हंट) नहीं किआ जाता ...

कुत्ते भौंकते हैं
अपने जिंदा होने का अहसास दिलाने क लिए,

मगर जंगल का सन्नाटा शेरो की
मौजूदगी बयां करता है..

Thaks for you're valuable time spend on my post ...
Keep suporting ...

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very good post .. keep it up

Nice article my friend

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Great article bro

Awesome post