I have no luck with girls

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good day expensive read.I've been unlucky with girls for years.before the new year I came with the watch.I have been working on a rotational basis for a long time.almost 19 years.I'm 26 now.so I met online with a girl from his city.I used to meet her at the Institute where I studied,in addition to this,I learned that we are from the same school, and taught us a teacher of Junior classes.I'm five years older than her.it really beautiful to me ,the figure looks,charisma ,facial expressions,smile,teeth,eyes,lips well, just ideal for me.She told me practically the same thing, that I was like an angel from heaven to her. fell,but! Less than half a month later,she started lying to me ,not answering her phone, stopped calling me and asking me how I was doing.in General, I realized that she was interested in Tolomei money.For half a month I spent all my salary on debts, shopping, drinking and gifts for her.more than half the salary of course went for gifts(I fell madly)almost every day,I gave her flowers,promised to take her from our city(as the city we have a very small population of about 100 thousand people,almost no work.here is imagine, the average wages in our city of about 12-15 thousands of rubles.If you shoot the apartment,half of it is wages go to rent,but because we all want to eat tasty,beautifully dressed,and relax with friends hear at least a couple times a month.) it turned out that she did not want to work,it is not like not to convince it.she has not graduated from the Institute,she has no education,no diploma or any crusts in the profession.it is very difficult to get a job she said.me of course this does not stop.since I earn good money on watches,I told her that I will take us both,if only you were faithful to me.then she went missing for 6 days, didn't answer her phone, so ... further.justification Taco was "I'm with friends at a party,why are you worried about me,it's okay sweetie,I was just walking,and when I walk I don't answer phone calls even your mom" then I realized that this man is lying,I can't stand lies not in what form.after all this I find out that she Galima drunk,she's willing to drink every day,and her mom kicked her out of the house not once,but seemingly did not say that she looks like a drunk.it's perfect, beautiful,all my friends told me "Dennis,old man,you've got such a beautiful girl ,everyone would find,we're right envy,the love"every time they met us on the street(since the city is small, you can see at least 5 times a day,if it is in the same area,for example I one end of town to the other I walk 30 minutes briskly)they were happy and said if we're good,how are things like health(I have good friends)of God I every morning Wake up thinking about her,her way and I can't fall asleep,dream about it and fantasize what it would be if everything between us was fine.that's what love does to us.it very much limits us to the possibility of additional meetings,good mood,sometimes even arguing with friends because I'm not having fun when I think about it,and they try to cheer me up,but sometimes I leave home with guests,sad and sad,with thoughts of only her.by the way, her name is Vlada.I certainly believe that we have it all in front ,and her surge of feelings again,now we do not communicate at all,she takes the phone from me when I call,not answering texts,or social networks.and it's too bad she left this ostatok heart,I even could not think that a girl who is younger than me by 5 years so sink into the soul.I had a lot of girls but I well not treated, with respect.daily care, nor has she given so many gifts in her life as she has this month that we've met.I want all the students were neat in his personal life,it is not very predskazuema ,you think that everything you have is fire,but it was the opposite.and you just wasted a month.even though he was one of the happiest in my life.sometimes walking down the street I'm so jealous of couples who hold hands,I see that they smile at each other,bracada,who's who in the snow will leave,someone shouts I love you,someone comes with a great big Teddy bear.in General I am very much happy for those who likes.love and be loved.after all, this is a real score.laid out above my photo.at the end of the text will lay out a photo of VladaJ8rfLUJZZ8I.jpgYgKv1cV8Vt0.jpg


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