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RE: Negative Effects Of Social Media - Depression, Anxiety, And How To Fight It

in #life5 years ago

There are always Positive and Negative sides and effects of every thing... Dear friend @sirwinchester , you have selected and chosen a very good topic for today ... Social media is a great revolution in every body life individually and as a whole... It has great impact on every individual, communities and nation... I think if we keep balance in electronic world and the real world then there will be no negative effects of Social Media.... and we can enjoy and get benefits of it..... Have a great time @sirwinchester ....



Thank you very much!
You're right, there is always 2 sides to everything. As much as I personally enjoy and support social media, I know that there are also a lot of psychologic side effects to take care of.

Welcome dear friend , yes you are right and we should take care of it to avoid psychological side effects of this great platform and specially Students....

Balance is a good solution for enjoying the social media

Thanks dear friend @a1sa , yes balance is good to use every thing...

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