What is your best childhood memory?

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Wow, great question, but Im 52 so this is an old memory lol

When I was 11 years old, my family went on a caravan holiday to Cornwall. We went with my Dads brother and his family, his wife and two kids, my cousins who were the same age as me and my brother.

The caravan site was situated on a clifftop and had a beach at the bottom which you could get to by following a path under the railway line and down a long flight of steps cut into the cliff face.

The summer of 1976 was the longest, hottest summer on record in the UK and everyday for two weeks, my cousin and I would go off on our own with some snacks and drinks, down to the beach and stay there all day, making moats and hunting in the rock pools for crabs and shrimps and small fish. We'd dig holes and paddle in the sea until our parents would bring us back for tea late in the afternoon.

On an evening we'd go into town and play on the rides and amusements and eat ice cream and fish and chips.

It was real Enid Blyton stuff! Then we'd happily go to bed so tired and looking forward to the following day.

Life was so much simpler back then as a kid. There was no TV in the caravan and obviously no electronic devices and smartphones.

We went on many holidays but this was the one that stood out for me and has made me smile at the thought even as I write this.

Thanks again for a great question and making me recall such a happy memory. Will look forward to reading all the other replies I am sure you will get :-)

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Golden childhood memories. I love the activities you mentioned. Me before used to cath fish, crabs and shrimps in the river and we were very tanned when we go back home.


I was very red and sunburnt :-( Would prefer to have your skin colour!


Yeah whites usually are sensitive to sunlight. hehe.

When I was 8 my dad held me upside down... Ooopps I forgot you were asking for best not worst haha I have no happy memories as a child because dad is very strict until now. Yes, I play with other kids but after that I had to prepare for "yummy spank". Haha


lol, well now youre a big girl you can rush around creating your own beautiful memories :-)