Don’t sell your STEEM power. Don’t feed the selfish whales. Be part of STEEM revolution.

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STEEM is the new Bitcoin and HODL onto it for few years otherwise you’ll have regrets

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yes I agree with you.
Every body need steem to increas their power up. I hope steem can help each other.
Oa, i hope you trust me, i am person.
Pleasa check my link
Have a good day @nathanmars

Thank you so much Aulia! Now I feel really happy to engage with you.
I'll no longer consider your steem account as a bot account.

I truly believe all Steemians have responsibility to introduce ourselves (including me) to the community!!!

Thanks again and Have a wonderful day :)))

You are welcome.
I am glad you believed me @nathanmars
I hope we always be friends forever.
Thank you very much for your help.
Have a great day for you too my friend @nathanmars

I hope you understand my friend, because I was coming across more and more fake accounts everyday. So I had to ask to confirm everyone to confirm they're not bots.

Yes we'll be friends forever :))

I agree with you, we have to be careful of each account, so we avoid fake accounts. I understand how it feels to communicate with a fake account. We have to communicate with people, not with fake accounts.
Thank you very much @nathanmars

Don’t sell your STEEM power

Wise enough brother, I believe steempower is our resources and reservation for better future here on steemit, our steempower is equally our strength and totality, with our steempower the world of steemit is a better place for us and we can get to feed masses through it, through upvote. We have to think straight and focus our attention on getting more steempower whether through investment or various activities we engaged in. STEEMpower is our future don't eat it.

Don’t feed the selfish whales

I agreed with you on this, there are many whale asking for our support through delegating steempower or even to sell sometimes for invite. like you have said, we are more than them, we are to shape our future by ourselves not some whale dictating what to do and how to go about it. Once again our steemPower is our future, protect it firmly.

STEEM is the new Bitcoin and HODL onto it for few years otherwise you’ll have regrets

The desire to hold up-to our future bitcoin is the best ever brother, in couple years steem would be exchange as highest crypto, I have the belief and I'm looking forward to the time. I can't wait to see that dream comes through at last.

I very much appreciate your contribution here with my post and I like your attitude in engaging conversations :)

STEEM is the new Bitcoin and HODL onto it for few years otherwise you’ll have regrets

It was great to receive such a wonderful message. Strongly agree. I think HOLD is still the best to date. Regards!

Buying Bitcoin is like playing gambling with demons:)

In short HODL!

Yeah right, that's the word "hold" with the wrong spelling. Probably, we've seen it in Bitcoin's called Bitcoin.

HODL is a mantra that recommends that as high as any Bitcoin price now, do not be careless. Keep hold of Bitcoin as strong as possible.

Simply put, do not sell the coins we have, even when the price falls, we have to be patient with the long-term game and not easily tempted by the opportunity to surprise the money and get rich suddenly.

Especially if we are the type of people who keep glaring at Bitcoin price movements

There are reasons why HODL is a very useful suggestion. One of these suggestions makes us more calm. In addition, you may get rich when you take them off. But yeah, when it's time. When? No one knows.

Another reason, Bitcoin market remains stable because it prevents massive Bitcoin sales that can make the price decline.

But, if I think the point, HODL advice is we do not stress, Lol!

We're talking about STEEM here, not Bitcoin...

@black-horse i see you are new here, show us your work....

I'm sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable my friend 🙏

Have a nice day!

No you didn’t make me uncomfortable at all.

I looked into your profile and I couldn’t find anything and that’s why ask you to show your work.

Also introduce yourself to other Steemians

Thank you for the wonderful advice and guidance that is very pleasing, my friend. I have introduced myself, "I really appreciate you!"

Thank you!

Thanks my friend, you actually made me to do that. Since you welcome idea and give me more audience, you actually keep the conversation going, almost all the time.

I truly appreciate people who I’m associate with. People I follow and people who follows me.

We help each other and grow together.

When we win we can celebrate together and it’s a very good feeling:)

That is a good feeling brother, we win together and we grow together, we make good results together, one mission, one goal and one brand, see you on the top soon sir, you are always good at this, building a desirable community.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks @nathanmars for this wonderful eye opener, i noted a number of things from you post and i will express my opinions here because of what is trending

  • I was of a school of thought that my steem is not useful at all because i even see it increasing day by day and in that kind of contest, i was proposing to sell it if it was possible but it was not until a friend of mine a fellow steemian @Sembozade and @Jona12 told me my credit worthness according to what he saw in my account.

Actually i will talk about what i was told then that if am to sell it then it will mean that i will power down my account and never to be seen againg but inside me, am not here for a show but for genuine reasons of also building my repuation as a whale like @nathanmars, @starkers etc because there is something worthy to learn from them.

Why should you feed the whales who are mean?

  • That will not happen here as long as you recorganize you cardinal purpose for joining a platform like this, we are here to build the community and not as short timist who are in a hurry but lets know that the future hold much for our platform. You may look at yourself as amall person but give yourself few years, things will unfold and you will also eat like a boss.
  • As you have clearly pointed out, steem has the potential to break into the Bitcoin world and change things completely and also, there let no one deceive with some few steem dollars in exchange for your steem power, the crypto world keeps chnaging and this is clear that whatever you labor putting efforts, it will finally pay off.

Caution: Guard your self from beasts who intend to drag you along the dark path of taking your steem power, listen to no sweet words from whatever source, assume you have no steem power

Good day sir @nathanmars. As promised by you in your previous post to support our dtube and dlive works. So here's another great effort I put in today to make a dtube post.

Here's the link to the video:

I hope you will like it. Check it out sir, and let me know what you think. Thank you!.

  ·  last year (edited)

I have to continue summoning all those with ill intentions of selling off steem power to whales who have no part in how you labored to accumulate it.

  • I have come to learn that every seed you sow, it wil automatically bear fruit according to the measure of your investment, and in this i mean time you have invested of accumulating both steem power and steem dollars will pay off at a later time. You cannot become big here minus investing time, stay current and you will get more because the future presents more opportunities than now.
  • Lets always connect this to farmers who sow seed and expect boutful harvests and so is steemit, the time we spent on our devices comment, blogging etc has a portion in producing something and why shoul you waste it and end up in destitution as if you were not once a blogger simply because you fellow for some little money from a whale, we are all whales of different ranks.

Give not your steem power to whales

  • Those whales are in retirement and i believe are nolonger interested in what is going on here, so dont hold back on people in retirement, move with those still on the cutting edge like our brother @natahanmars, he presents himself as someone to look up to in shaping steemit as a platform

Even though you earn some piute here on steemit, hold onto it because it will one time out as your miracle for others to see and join us here, dont quit blogging because its the only way you can accumalate your steem power

First of all I really appreciate your input here.

Yes let's keep accumulating more Steem power everyday!

Guard your self from selfish whales within Steem platform and Also in real life.

selfish whale is someone who is not honest and takes people’s belongings in a deceiving manner. Operating in the blind spot of a transaction — gives them unmanageable power to manipulate the transaction in their favour. Don't fall for them good steemians!!

Its great to see this coming from a steemian I have great respect for, if everyone can have this picture then will can see this happening faster than expected.

I also think we can be strategic about this, that is building projects, communities etc around ideas that can help steem grow.
I dont know if you are on or discord so I can DM you, maybe we can build some stuffs sir with your support

Thank you my friend and I truly believe there are more people here working towards fixing those problems. Including Steem Blockchain developers.

You can only contact me on Steemit comments section and I don’t use or Discord.

Be open and straight forward and tell me what problems we’ve here and what your suggestions are, then we can find a strategy together.

Hope that makes sense. Also I’m thinking doing Q & A here to find out how can we make things harder to bad whales...

The beauty of STEEM is you can see everyones wallets. You can see who is investing in buying more steem and who is sending every bit they earn to an exchange to cash out.

I am not saying those people are wrong to cash out... But, they may come to regret not holding on to their earnings

Also, everyone should vote and flag!


Yes digital social media currency is the future money.

As I travel across the world, I'm seeing more and more people spending their entire life on smart phones and social media...

SP will be the future Bitcoin

Hello Friend how are you? I am new here in your blog the truth you talk about many interesting things you are also precise and with few words you say all this is very good, with respect to the steem you have all the reason I think this is something so powerful that we must keep it and work for it this is power this is stability since I'm here on the platform believe me this is the best thing I've known plus here you know so many people are right because we sell our steem to those whales that for what I see they want is to be rich because many times you go and you make a comment and often do not worry about responding to you as there are others who do and behave very well with you

I’m doing really well and hope you’re enjoying your day too :)

For me also Steem is the best thing I’ve come across in my life and get connected to people from all over the world. It’s amazing:)

Engaging with audiences and supporting each other is so important in Social media. People who are avoiding engagement will not succeed.

There are whales anywhere you go in the world. Those people are very good at making themselves more with other people’s money. And I feel sorry for minows who fall for whale’s plans.

We need to think for ourselves and believe in ourselves and We’ll win with Steem:)

It's been quite difficult for people to grow on steemit because of who people with high steem power act.
Steem was a place where good content will rise to the top. I am working my ass off daily to earn little use it to power up, that is grow myself because I have so much hope and faith in steem.
United we stand divided we fall

I can certainly feel your frustrations. Steem developers are working on fixing most of issues we’ve right now.

I truly believe going forward, we’ll fix most of the issues and make more user friendly and reward friendly.

We’ll continue to fight together for better Steem:)

  ·  last year (edited)

I pray the time comes soon. My first 3months on steemit i earn $0 i abandon the account for over 9months until my friend told me to pick up the account and blog for fun and forget the reward for now that it is important to create relationship then the reward will start coming. Well i took his advice and have been blogging for 3months on the row. Meeting you made this steemit worth while. I am your no.1 fan sir.

Thank you so much @sirdeza!
I think blogging for fun must be best way and we must enjoy what we do otherwise what’s the point of living.

I’m happy to see you’re blogging again and I’ll be watching your progress!

Also I appreciate that you uploaded your first Dtube video introduction for me and others to see you:)

And I saw you’re sending SBD and SP to @rocky1 to get upvotes to your post and my advice to you is don’t do it my friend

Basically you’re feeding the bad whales

I was having no upvote for my post so I had to send SBD
I will not send again I will dwell on the little I have

Remember I up voted your video.
So if you need upvote you need to share different things and Open up your cabinet of curiosities.

Think about what you want to learn, learn it in front of others.
Pay attention to what others are not sharing.
Look for voids that you can fill with your own efforts.

Yes you did and I was very happy.
I'm glad I met you.
Have learnt a lot under you

Hello @nathanmars !!

This publication is very good for reflecting on what steem is and what it will be.

STEEM is the new Bitcoin and HODL in it for a few years, otherwise you'll regret

Totally in accordance with this the steem really is something that is revolutionizing the world, a great opportunity for many in this time and the future.

Regretfully, if there are selfish whales, but we are really many and together we will achieve our goals in this wonderful Steemit platform.

Well says the word of God in Ecclesiastes 4: 9-15:
9 Better are two than one; because they have better pay for their work.
10 For if they fall, the one will raise up his companion; but alas! that> when it falls, there will be no second to raise it.
11 Also if two sleep together, they will warm each other up; But how will one heat up?
12 And if one prevails against one, two will resist him; and three-fold cord does not break soon.

Thanks for all the words of motivation that you always give us to continue working and persevering, but above all doing good.

Greetings and blessings!!

Steem platform is wonderful because of we're wonderful Steemians :)

So is !!!

steemPower is our future , Steem is the best cryptocurrency in the world , everyone hold your steem power its help your work

good post @nathanmars

Let’s be STEEM HODLERS and contributors.

And everyone’s contribution is a MUST

Some wise words people
Steem is the future
Never let it go.
Steem is BAE { Before Anything Else }

When you HODL x amounts of Bitcoins, yes price will go up in the future but you still hold x amount of Bitcoin.

With STEEM power we’re the minners and HODLers and Social media is the currency of the future and within the STEEM Blockchain we’re creating next generation of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat , Youtube and so on

Yes!. We are many, they are few!!..It's hightime we explore the community ourselves rather than depending on any whale like have always done. I believe we can develop the community ourselves. Thanks for motivating me again. Cheers!

We can only motivate each other by doing good work and sharing our experiences with others.

That's true sir. Thank you.

That's really true.

The amount of steem you can mine now or earn through posting content is going to be more difficult to earn in the future as the price goes up.

I am more excited about the SMT's. Once they get launched then it is going to be a hell of a lot of fun. Then steem will go up like a boom.

Every SMT is similar to ICO's on Ethereum blockchain and price of STEEM will increase as SMT's raise SP...

Yeah,exactly. This is what I was trying to say and you said it.

When we start using steem's blockchain on the large scale for development and raising money then steem itself is going to the moon for sure.

Do you have any idea what SMT's will be launched?

Let’s go and invade moon with our Steem power.

SMT will be launch anytime soon. If I knew I’ll tell you.

In the meantime find out which Steem based application is best suited for your work and go all-in

Yes, we gonna hit moon. Hopefully good days are coming.

Thank you, I will keep an eye and if I get to know I will tell you for the excitement as i know you have invested all of your fortune in steemit.

I am planning to build my own steem based application as I am studying computer science. So it is going to be a good learning and development experience.
DO you know any developers on steem which have worked on steem blockchian so that I could get some info and guidance.

Thanks. I'm happy to hear you're planning to make your own steem based application. And good luck with it !!

Sorry I don't know developers working on Steem blockchain. I'm sure if you're search seriously and you'll find them. Also sometimes it's better to work with someone else's project and build something amazing together..

Ok, thanks mate.
I really appreciate that.

Yeah I found two developers who are building a steem based app and one is an Uber employee. Let's see if they reply

I'm glad you've found two. While waiting for reply spend time finding more...

  ·  last year (edited)

I too think the same my friend, the thing is we have to keep the Steem and Steem power as such and don't sell it, it's value is really gonna touch stars in future, I think its value will exceed Bitcoin in future, it not like other cryptocurrencies, its something different.
You gave a qulity advise dear friend. We don't have to sell our Steempower this time to anyone.

Anyone anywhere in the world can earn STEEM power by contributing at any fucking time

Yep, from minnows to dolphins, the numbers are cranking up. And this is great for Steemit. The future is bright. Keep hodling!

I truly believe STEEM probably lift most of the world poverty and I’m so glad to be part of it

Yep, the potential here is enormous. Just need to keep building up that SP and helping others who are also powering up do the same. More power to you for helping with this mission!

Totally agree:)

what a good advice @nathanmars. i just power up two days ago. all my SBD uses to buy STEEM and then power up. because i think i'm nothing here even for years to go without SP in good balance.

Good man @tfq86!

Very good advice, I believe and that's why I am powering up.

Thank you and Now let's power up our communities by doing great work :)

Yes, that's the goal.

  ·  last year (edited)

Great day @nathanmars. I agree with you.we have to be careful of each account, so we avoid fake accounts. I understand how it feels to communicate with a fake account!! I really agreed with you on this, there are many whale asking for our support through delegating steempower or even to sell sometimes for invite. you actually keep the conversation going, almost all the time.Its great to see this coming from a steemian I have great respect for, if everyone can have this picture then will can see this happening faster than expected.I think this is something so powerful that we must keep it and work for it this is power this is stability since I'm here on the platform :) I am glad with you..Thank you very much @nathanmars. I will support you!!

I really appreciate your thinking!

Let's keep the conversation going :)

Steem is the best cryptocurrency in the world, in a moment with Steem you can own a few hundreds of dollars and in the next moment it could turn to a million this is the power of steem, this is why big investors of Steem get bigger, with Steem, you can start with zero and make a million, even if it's only with your mobile phone and as long as you have internet connection, no other cryptocurrency has this ability to this!

We’re after all social animals and we’re using social media to interact with each other and we’ll be financially rewarded for our contribution with STEEM and more STEEM power you have the more rewards you get

  ·  last year (edited)

With steem power, it is a win win situation, you can win by Hodling and win more rewards. Total package

You forgot to mention about things you learn from each other and great friends you make through Steem and etc

Oh dear, i have met a ton of awesome people through steem, im no black or white now, im a full steemian, a global citizen, only through steem could i accomplish this

I’m so glad to hear :)

It is real bro, realest

Steem gives you financial freedom. I never invested a single penny in steem but still make good money through interacting or commenting with people so this thing i really like about steem. In few days i will sell my car and power up some steems.

Happy to hear your journey with Steem so far and I wish you good luck selling your car.

Be Bold and Take Risks

Making time in my biz day every day for STEEM cos I KNOW this. Holding. Creating. Growing. :)

Keep at it my friend:)

I agree with your opinion, do not sell STEEM, because I see a lot of good opportunities in Steemit, and the more people who support Steemit, I think, Steemit will grow for the future, and I have to think how to get STEEM for I am Power Up to Steempower, because I also want to be as successful as anyone else out there. Although it takes a very long time, but I keep the spirit. Hopefully I have that opportunity. Thanks @nathanmars

Good luck with finding how to get STEEM.

Thanks for being part of our revolution and your contribution matter :)

Thanks again @nathanmars. I'm sure, nothing is impossible in this world, as long as we keep trying and fighting until we can succeed. And I will always support SEEM, because I believe STEEM will grow for the future, and have many opportunities to succeed there

Yes there are many opportunities with Steem based application and most of the killer app not even realised.

there is room for everyone and it’s limited your own imagination

WE are a great swarm of creators and believers! I am happy to be part of it! SteemOn @nathanmars

We’re so happy to have you here:)

@nathanmars it is very inspiring how you engage with the community here and how you put effort and time into encouraging others to push themselves further to show their potential. Is there by any chance the possibility for me to talk to you, maybe even to record a short interview with you? Of course for being published just here on @dtube! Let me know if there is a chance to get some minutes of your pressures time and if you're interested. Thank you and greetings from Barcelona

Oh I appreciate your kind words.

I like your positive attitude, asking me openly here on the comments. I hope many people follow your style and be brave enough to ask here in front of other Steemians. If you don’t ask you never know.

I know, you’re asking with best interest of our Steem community in mind so I’ll not say no but I’ll say not now. I’m big fan vlogs on Dtube and Dlive. I’ll have to achieve some of my missions I set for myself with steem and when I achieved few of them I’ll come and tell you that I’m ready on your Dtube comments in your

Until then Happy Dtubing and keep up your style:)

That is great news, I really appreciate your openness and your positive reply to my question! I will be here for the long term so whenever you achieved your mission, I will be ready and looking forward talking to you! Until then let's have some great fun here and let's enjoy Steemit!

p.s. @nathanmars do you mind a shoutout in tomorrows video?

Yes feel free ;)

Some wise words people steem is the future . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @nathanmars

Thank you for your kind words:) Happy Steeming:))

Selling our steempower is like eating our future that is yet to come, our future is in our hands, just like how our SP on steemit determines the level of our success on here. Like you said, the whale or not doesn't worth given our power, it is ours and we must respect and keep it save from the reach of any man. I'm anticipating the future of steem to be sell even more than bitcoin in the nearest future and I believe the future is here with us.

Our future is in our HANDS.

Let’s hold and contribute:)

Yeah our strength lies in our number, togetherness we stand strong.
The future is here I must say . Steem to the world

We can eat those selfish whales ALIVE

Yes steempower is for our better future. Don't sell them in sake of money. If its with you then you can do better in coming future. Inspired by your motivation i also started posting some
To motivate all the steemitians. Don't loose hope and believe in you. There a good time coming...

Yes good times are coming with Steem Blockchain

Yes they are coming. I also started postimg some motivational quotes here on steemit which i already told inspired by you. You can have a look there and give some feedbacks if you like...

Thanks for asking feedback!!

Motivational quotes are not something unique. You’ve do something that other people are not doing.

I saw you’ve YouTube page on your profile without no content and May be you can try creating daily Dtube videos

Also you must spend lot of time figuring out where and how your work can be valuable for others. Be open to try and fail new things and steem is your training ground. There is no formula here, if you’re coming with pre determined formula then you’ll probably not going to go far. Be flexible and open minded and keep making efforts to try things.

I’m still figuring out how I can provide something for others, which Steem based apps is best for me to share my work, how can I connect to my community, what kind of strategy I can try and so on. I’ll keep increasing my efforts and always willing to change my plans and I’ll FAIL and FAIL and FAIL and LEARN and LEARN but I’ll never give up because I can imagine in next few years, I’ll look back at my journey and say because of these efforts and attitude I succeeded with Steem

Thanks friend. I've definitely got some idea what to do next. Even if i fail many times quiting is not inly an option. I kindaa Got to make things right. Thanks for your valuable time yo've given... dwfinately try out dtube soon

Yes you should try Dtube:)

You are right sir
In few years, steem will hit $100, there will be many regrets, just like bitcoin, several people including myself had the opportunity to be early adopters of bitcoin but we negleted it, many others are making this same mistake with steem now, how wish they can just see beyond their nose.

I cant miss this oppurtunity, not now that steem is in it lowest price, soon SMT and others will be lunch and we will watch the price of steem increase.

Yes I agree some people just can’t see beyond thier nose. Lol

I’m glad you’re on the Steem train now. Our own past mistakes are our best teacher:)

Our past mistakes helps to shapen our lives
It's only a fool that makes the same mistake repeatedly and expect a different result.

You're right when you say this STEEM I think we should invest it in our Steem power that's not going to make it more and more stable here I think like so many here that this is going to be the revolution this is going to be the new momeneda you do not know its get to surpass bitcoin but I think it has as much power as he does, we do not make those whales rich that the truth very few lend support here as it should be

Yes let’s not make those Selfish whales rich and it’s our time to get our financial freedom with Steem:)

Hi, how are you today? I think you are right in what you say I have a few months here on the platform and since I started here I have seen how Steem has taken much more strength than I already had I think this will be the future and we are already on the road, I have little experience in the world of cryptocurrency but so far the experience has been the best and I think I found the perfect place Steemit @nathanmars

I’m feeling happy and positive and hope you’re good :)

You’re willingness to learn about Steem and spend few months here is the right way to do it.

Enjoy your journey, increase your SP, make many mistakes, connect to more people, stay flexible for change and you will make it here.

So this is a learning path and of course mistakes as we are all human and we usually make mistakes and more when something is new to us but the truth is that I love them

I hope steem will be the new bitcoin as you said, I'm holding what I can. But sometimes it's difficult for a minnow to gain SP without upvotes :(, but I have hope and faith that it's gonna change.

Yes lots of new things are coming to Steem Blockchain and be patient and do your work and we’ll fix most of the issues;)

  ·  last year (edited)

Yeah if i had some money left, i would have surely lolz I spent all in craze of getting hold of many coins and all of them crashed after december. And everyday i watch them go into minus, smile when they go green and again next day my hopes of a Ferrari crash in the drop :D

Yes I understand your crypto journey.

Bitcoin is around 8 years old. In those 8 years Bitcoin has faced all sort of challenges. From mysterious inventor, government bans, hacks and exchange frauds. Anything that survives this is going to be damn too strong to kill.

I do not know if Bitcoin is going to be worth $1M. But I do think Bitcoin is going to last for many more years and purely because of Bitcoin ecosystem is much bigger than most of the countries governments.

Same applies to STEEM and it’s only 2 years old.

That seems very true. Some time back it was all in vague. And governments for sure hated it that something is gonna by pass them. I think bitcoin is gonna be the biggest currency in history. Even gold couldnt beat it. You are right that its a big sign to be the future currency. I l try to hold my small amount steem lolz

hallo @nathanmars

good post brother , steem power is the mane part of the steemit work , i thinks can not sell steem power , steemPower is our future

Let’s make the future happen!!!

can not sell your steem power , every one buy steem power this is right time buy many steem power
well done @nathanmars

Buy Steem power every time you can

I dont have many STEEM at the moment.. my writing/blog aint generating much either... ;)

yes i agree with your opinion @nathanmars, please do not complain, because all that is not good for your future. But think about how you should succeed like everyone else. I learned a lot from @nathanmars, so I became the spirit to work in Steemit... :)

Oh Thank you :)

Please don’t complain!

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity”. Albert Einstein was a wise man. He is absolutely correct. It’s not always that easy though but be positive, keep the right attitude and try and fail

i can not sell my steem power , Steem is the best cryptocurrency in the world , I think its value will exceed Bitcoin in future , again good post @nathanmars , you help new steemit user thanks @nathanmars

Yes don’t sell and buy more whenever you can!

See you on the TOP:)

Those with the poor man's mindsets are powering down and withdrawing all their rewards maybe they are not seeing the future but hey I have 100% trust in steem and am sure things are going to improve every single day. Truly in a few years to come, steem will be leading I have a friend of mine who always tell me that " the steem money has not yet been made but in it will be in the next five years" There is something that steemit is offering that other cryptocurrencies are not like giving back to the community . Nothing hurts like looking back and seeing the people you started with on steemit are reaping big and you are getting peanuts where you ran to.

Yes certainly STEEM is different kind of crypto which all about building communities around the world.

Steemit is the new google and it has the potential to become global open source university in the future, where you can learn anything, anytime from anyone with your smart phone

yes certainly it is, I remember recently I was searching about the obstacles that people face in their day to day lives and to my surprise I landed on some one's post that helped a lot to answer the questions that I had in my mind. People are really giving steemit there time and producing quallity content

Yes it’s only a beginning. We’re so early and let’s enjoy the ride :)

truly we should enjoy steem to the fullest am so sure 5 yrs from now we will be big and better

I like your long term vision. Good things happen for people who work hard and go through many short term pains :)

Thanks, @nathanmars I also like the goals that you set for this platform every time I look at them they inspire me to gain as much steem power as I can

Good things happen for people who work hard and go through many short-term pains :)

surely hard work pays though it pains

I’m so happy to hear :)

Steem is what I call a game changer. Yeah a crypto game changer. It ranks as number one in the platform technology and number two by Chinese. Steem is yet to go mainstream but when it does. You’d be glad you HODL your Steem. As for me my HODLING begins

I’m happy to meet you STEEM HODLERS:)

Hodl'ing for life :)

Just building my SP up slow and steady. Thinking it may be a while before the true power of this blockchain is understood. But once it is...Look out!

And like your image says...We are many! Community over everything!

Thanks. We need to unite and take STEEM forward while kicking out the bad actors

@nathanmars i am follow your post i thinks you ar right hold your steem power , steem price up again so wait every one

Please just don’t sit here and wait good things to happen in our life. We need to do things to move our life forward.

Same with Steem, we’ve to contribute much as we can to the ecosystem and the price grows with it

you are 100% right @nathanmars

I am aslo agreed with you on this post

this is not right time sell steem power

good work @nathanmars

Never sell your STEEM power, unless you’re very desperate for money