Trying to find balance amidst tumultuousness

in life •  5 months ago

The last few days (actually the last couple of months) have felt like I’m balancing and cradling a delicate crystal ball containing all that I hold most dear in my hand whilst standing on a high wire above a massive abyss.

It’s like the universe is giving me tests that only a pantheon of gods are supposed to handle.
May as well get painted blue and Shiva balance the fuck out of it!
As I get spun around and around by the hard knocks of life, instead of resisting, I go with the motion and kick back with Qi.

We need to learn how to balance and spin in the tumultuous motion that life pushes at us.

Even upon the uneven surfaces of uncertainty, become the rock and strike out your own path.

Do you feel like the universe has been forcing you to find balance inside of chaos?

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It all culminates to the here and now, every moment and every experience in our lives leads us to where we are at this very moment. every heart ache and struggle, every triumph and joy.... it all comes together to show us what we need to see and teach us what we need to know.

We can only appreciate the day because we experience the night...

Much love in your direction mang !!!!!

Life has a tendency to overwhelm us from time to time, challenging our ability to even stay afloat, demanding from us to master our emotions when an inner dam seems to be bursting. The fact that you're still here is testament to your fine sense of balance my friend. What you're doing is no easy feat, and I'm so happy you got the purple palace just before the new addition to your family. I know you'll stay strong and balanced for them, for yourself, for us... ;-)

Thanks for finding the time to stay in touch my friend! Much blessings and may the coming challenges strengthen your stance even further! :-) <3

Hello! I've been going through this for the last 6 months. Well, I gave into myself 6 months ago and quit my job, and the last 6 months feels like i have been spinning around in a tornado crashing into every possible thing. But I am starting to get it, everything that has happened in my life in the last few years has been leading me here, and although Im in the tornado, the tornado is shaking out all the shite I don't need, as if it plops something on the floor for me and Im like oh yeah, i need to deal with that.

To my friends and family I seem really lost, I am somewhat but I feel I am atleast facing the right direction now. I am totally finding my self, I really had not realised how much I had lost my self in the daily grind of life. I've got a long way to go, but I plan to blog about my journey, because it's been terrifying, and i think many other people probably take the leap, but then get scared and turn back around into security.

Anyway i enjoyed this post, and had a giggle at the painted blue picture!

im learn how to be happy recently, balance inside of the chaos, chaos its my city but in my sould i find peace, and i want to share that peace with the people here, on the chaos.

this is so awesome i'm going to shill it bc the photos of you are amazing and your message is so encouraging! i felt it my brother, straight to the heart. xoxo

serious ninja poses bro, love your music and the value you bring to the platform!!

good message.I think the man who is able to maintain balance in his life ,he is really happy,because the root cause of every problem is the imbalanced lifestyle.