Secret pockets of paradise

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So if you’ve been keeping up with my journey you’ll know that (recap) I relocated my family of 5 interstate 1,600kms, but the house fell through when we arrived and it has taken the best part of nearly 2 months to anchor a home for us to live in with only 2 weeks until the birth of our next child.

Well, We not only manifested an incredibly funky and big Purple Palace, but it is a full off-the-grid eco home - fully solar electricity, composting toilets, rainwater tanks with spring fed creek on 150 acres.

But until we can move in to the Purple Palace next week, we’ve been staying in a little caravan like musician gypsies parked in the yard at a friend’s place.

My friend and I walked along the creek on his property and we discovered this incredible waterfall and swimming hole nearby in the forest.

Look how gorgeous this secret place is and just how happy I am in nature!!!!

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Beautiful photography.australia is sooo beautiful


Thanks so much mate @hanseljoy

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy




thank you soo much lovely blessings:)

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