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The value that comes when men talk about their feelings with sensitivity is profound healing we all can learn from.

Tim Ferriss interviews Dr. Gabor Maté. Together they discuss topics
Feelings, Addictions, Attachements, Trauma's, Childhood trauma's, Modes of healing, Depression, Guru's, Psychedelic and drugs of all sorts deep topics. Along with exploring ways we as people self medicate ourselves, to band-aid our hurts/emotions, in attemps to ultimatly find solice and feel better navigating life, in hopes to find our own genuine authenticities. This is a very sensitive talk and incredibly profound for the nurturence of people who truly want to realize becoming their most authentic selves. This is not a video to watch just once because there is so much valueable information here if you or someone you know really wants to explore healing emotionally.

Dr. Gabor Maté speaks of his history coming from Hungary, with the inner struggles he endured with his family during the time of the holocaust and how this shaped him from baby, boy to the man he is today along with how his personal experiences affected his life, and lessions he learned on levels of feelings for how he explored ways to heal others with addictions, depressions and the root causes of why people seek ways to heal themselves.

This is a 2 hour video. Yeah it's long but the information that these men share in here is incredibly valueable for anyone who sufferes from any kind of trauma on and or addiction, can be any way someone self medicates themselves and wishes to find tools for authentic healing.

Tim is the author of the 4 hour work week, the 4 hour body.
If you don't know Tim Ferriss, well this man is really awesome because he really puts himself in uncomfortable experiences so he can learn from himself. Tim speaks of depression and feelings and with Dr. Gabor Maté and how we shut down our feeling in infancy and early childhood and how a person can find the root of a problem to start to heal themselves.

When men speak about sensitivity and feelings there is a profound facet of strengh and eratication of fear that everyone needs. Everyone goes though something. They even speak of Spiritual Guru's levels of deception and the escapism people find when self medicating from drugs, when we numb ourselves. This can be alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, heroin, even spiritual drugs like DMT, MDMA, Ayahuasca and he gives examples of even deceptions giving the example of the documentary Kumaré by Sir Kumaré which is a documentary, I haven't watched but I look forward to watching.
And how these psychedelic can actually do authentic healing if done properly, Dr. Gabor Maté explores this with Tim and gives the audience tips to think about when one wants to seek this.
Along with many other tools Dr. Gabor Maté has packed in his medicine tool box to heal people.

When men speak about sensitivity and feelings, it's something profound because men are condition in this society to be strong as rocks and not show feelings. When I think of Tim Ferriss I am always in awe at how he will go to extream levels to use himself as a test so others can learn and have understanding about food, work, life and being.
This time Tim breaks shares his feelings along with Dr. Gabor Maté who shares his feelings about growing up a little boy when as a jew hungary was occupied by Nazi's and the coping mechanisms that made him to be the man he is today, they even talk about the book, Wini the Pooh and we have all watched the movie, but how many people have read the book? I know I have not and I look forward to finding the Wini the Pooh book to read. There is something we all can learn from peoples struggles, to how they become the people they are today. We all go though something.

I think this video is great for anyone who is looking for tools to heal themselves and find their place in this world dispite the short comings and pains that have happened thoughout their lives. One can truely rise up and become more happier authentic beings and this interview is an important one for the healing of humanity.

Thank-you Tim and Dr. Gabor Maté

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