One of My Favorite Mommy and Me Photos

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We had unintentionally matching outfits. She is showing off her necklace which has a beautiful message of love. It was gifted to her by the family we choose, one of my best friends.

Me, @shawnamawna, with Kid2

Drop one of your favorite family photos in comments!


It is the best time of your life which you spend with your family.
Really loved to see with your family.
I can't send any photo right now as I live away from home at University dorms but hopefully will post someday.

you both look absolutly gorgeous

Is she 20? :) nice pic

me with my nephew.


And i have a question... ?
who is the mummy??
the back one??
OMG both are too gorgeous and also looking so young that it seems that they are friends or sisters.

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This is a picture of my nephews and nieces. I'm not in there, but it's my favorite thanks to all the things these little humans mean to me. My parents were never affective and I grow up thinking this was normal. That it was a thing just for the movies.

Then...they were born and in their innocence and open mind, they speak their hearts. Without fear, they tell me that they love me, that they miss me (we live in different states) and I have the privilege of loving them back, fully and without restrictions.

I never knew how much I needed to hear these words, until I felt this warm and bubling feeling inside me the first time Lucia said them. I never felt more alive.

Showing to people that they're precious to you is important and should be encouraged.