Life without internet? Czy życie bez internetu jest możliwe?

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Dzisiaj postanowiłam poruszyć pewną kwestię związaną z życiem online. Czy życie bez internetu jest możliwe? Poniżej wersja angielska.


Nowadays, people imagine life without computers and media. The technology just keeps racing forward. Today, computers and mobile phones are used much more often than 10 years ago. Life in the modern times without the cinema and television and video and computer is possible but it’s hard to imagine it.

Advanced technology allows for easy and pleasant learning. It can motivate people to improve their skills and replenish lacks in education. Instead of searching for something in the book, we can do research online. The main advantage of that is the assurance that data being are updated. Unfortunately, books which fill our home libraries, don’t contain the newest data.
The same problem is with CDs. Nowadays, the internet offers online dictionaries because they include millions of words in the foreign language. People who use the online dictionary can find not only words they search for, but also linking idioms, phrases and even it’s possible to listen to the correct pronunciation of that.
Television and video show a lot of interesting things from which people can take benefits. Also, the internet can help us to gain information on questions.
Online shopping is more popular than 5 years ago. People can order all what they want and then the parcel is waiting for them the next day. Online shopping can allow to save our time. The payment for it people can do via the internet.
Now, devices can replace people, f.ex.: computers enable faster and easier customer services at the bank. Personal identity data of patients or bank clients are stored in complex databases in the cloud. Nowadays, it’s possible to send data of different sizes via internet to all the corners of the world.
The internet isn’t safe at all. It also brings dangers. Social media can be dangerous, especially for children who trust each other. Quite a lot of people pass as somebody else or give wrong information about themselves. We never know who really is on the other side. Person who passes as somebody else can abuse people or children. Nowadays, society is too busy, so people sometimes don’t know what their children do online. A big part of children spent too much time on the internet using phones, tablets, or computers.
The modern devices facilitate people’s lives. Daily activities are becoming easier and more comfortable due to the internet. It can be quite good if we use mindfully.
Unfortunately, The internet is becoming a separate world in which people aren’t true. Despite that fact that life isn’t ideal, people show their ideal lives on their social media accounts. The society is struggling to lives the way social media shows. People forget what is the most important in their life more and more often.

Is life easier when people have access to the internet? Does the internet actually help people in their lives? Perhaps life was easier and better before the internet had filled in our social life.

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