Women`s tears. Why do women cry?

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 Women cry when they are hurt, tired, from the lack of attention, because of the coldness of a man, because of cheating or betrayal, injustice, pain, misunderstanding, criticism, as a reaction to aggression, when things don`t work out, when their wishes don`t come true, or when they feel like the whole world is against them. Sometimes they cry tears of joy and happiness, or they cry because they are moved by a book or a movie, or during meaningful times in our lives. 

Unlike men, women are sensitive and emotional. The world of a woman is a world of sensations, feelings and emotions.

 Men lack emotions and impressionability, because they need to act efficiently and reach the objectives set. They are cold and reluctant to open up and trust others.

 In contrast, women are filled with emotions and sensibility, because they need to take care of others and give love. That`s what makes heart-felt relationships full of trust, intimacy, tenderness possible. That`s what makes love possible. Only women are capable of producing love and happiness and passing it on to men. Without it, the world would be cruel and aggressive. Impressionability and sensibility make women weak and vulnerable, which in turn encourages men to protect them and defend them. It awakens the best feelings of tenderness in them and softens their hearts.

Women are sentimental and sensitive to everything what happens around them. Women are gifted with feelings of belonging and empathy. We take everything personally and tend to empathize. This is why women cry. 


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A good reason for tears in women is love. And absolutely any - happy or unhappy, to a child or an animal. It can be love past, real, or just getting started. Emotionality of a woman makes the feeling of love simply huge, and tears help to cope with a sharp hormonal surge.
Only a woman can sob out loud over the vicissitudes of the heroes of the series, over a small and miserable puppy in the yard, even over the loss of her favorite thing.
Because of the difference in the hormonal system of men and women, love is not only perceived in different ways, but also experienced. In men in all and always there is an action, in women - emotions. Love from a man is "to come and do", "to solve and fulfill."
Women's tears are almost everything! This is a regulator of emotions, and an indicator of strength and weakness at the same time, and a reaction to pain. A woman cries for many reasons, sometimes quite often, but do not pay attention to her tears, is angry with them - quite stupid on the part of the man.


Thank you! Cool!

Exactly, I see it with my kids, if they are unwell or hurt themselves they want mum not dad, because they know I give them the compassion they need.

I don't think men lack in emotion. We too have heart and feelings.
On the other hand, I also agree that women are more caring.

I really think that if men have feelings we are not cold if we have feelings we cry so well we cry, we also feel we are equal humans to you that we express our feelings differently from women is another matter...

Women are not meant to cry for even for once women suffer alot in her husband house takingcare of the house and children giving birth they ought to be treated like a queen in the palace but Some men treat them like a slave

yes you are absolutely right women are sensitive and emotional.
but "Girls have the power to change the WORLD" 🌎

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Пусть девочки вообще не плачут... Или немного, от счастья)

wow I must be a woman then. LOL I cry all the time during movies and TV shows. And of course if I am with other people, I pretend I have something in my eye. Like maybe a piece of popcorn flew in there or something. I agree in general women tend to be more emotional and sentimental, but us men aren't all emotionally distant. haha I myself am pretty well-rounded. I also cry tears of joy after eating something really delicious....ok maybe not, lol. I do disagree that only woman are capable of producing love and happiness and passing it on to men. Have you not read my 101 Creative Dates posts? LOL :)

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Желаю, чтобы Ваши слезы были вызваны только радостными, счастливыми и трогательнымисобытиями в жизни.


Спасибо!!! Пусть будет так!!

i agree about your post..

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