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We all are energy beings. Hence for us to be more productive and to be the best version of ourselves it is important that we live a life of maximized energy.

Focus on things that maximises your energy and avoid at all costs things that reduces your energy.

For this to happen environment is everything. Exposing yourself to optimized energy environment includes people, entertainment, food and drinks and getting rid of energy sucking environment at any cost.

Things that reduces your energy

  1. Sleeping too much and sleeping in unwanted times.

  2. Eating junk food and drinking junk drinks which has high calorie and sugar.

  3. Watching or reading junk stuff.

  4. Thinking negatively.

  5. Speaking or spending time with negative people or the so called energy vampires.

  6. Listening to the voices in the head.

Things that maximises your energy

  1. Waking up early in the morning

  2. Going to a beach or park for a run or swim

  3. Drink herbal drinks / Fruit juices 🍇 🥤

  4. Meditate regularly

  5. Whatever work you do enjoy and be focussed in it.

  6. Practicing continuous uninterrupted awareness

  7. Being with positive people and positive places.

  8. Eating food items which are light, easy to digest and maximises your energy and eating not more than what is required by your body.

  9. Listen to your body and your heart .

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