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We all have this inner search and self worth to achieve our goals whatever it may be to be happy in our lives. However at times we lose focus and find it harder to stay on the path to success for many reasons.

Let's see how we could regain that focus and commitment to succeed in the following simple steps.

  1. Take it as a challenge to prove your self worth .
  2. Forget about everything the world has taught you , be 100% yourself, have the courage to be yourself, have your action plan and execute it with passion.
  3. Get to work. Start writing that report or thesis rather spending your time planning for it for too long.
  4. Set your own deadlines. Have daily, weekly deadlines. Reward yourself if you meet them. Punish yourself if you fail. Keep our own system of motivating yourself to achieve your targets.
  5. Nothing in this universe manifests without effort. So do SMART effort.
  6. Do the hard/big challenge which is in-front of you first. We have the tendency to postpone that which is hard later and do the easy things first. But prioritizing is very important. Get that most important thing done first.

I hope these tips helps in some ways to get to that state where you have been dreaming to be.

All the best.

Peace Love and Freedom
Mystic Me

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