What is Happiness for You?

in life •  9 months ago  (edited)

All day we are programmed by commercials selling us the idea that we need a fancy car to be accepted, appealing or sexy. You have celebrities selling us products that we don't need so we can feel validated. We are brainwashed into believing that a fancy clothes makes us better. Bigger houses and material things become the aim as opposed to education, compassion, kindness and morality. For generally, we thrive off of gluttonous behavior.


Some people think that being rich is everything while some think that if they achieve something at least there's something to be happy about. But true happiness comes from God for He takes all your worries and pains in exchange for happiness.


Happiness, joy and peace comes from within. When you decide to be happy, it will surely happen. It's your choice.

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Living in the peace we came here with

I believe that our natural default state is one of joy and a state of being at peace with ourselves. We came into the world in this state of bliss and gradually we allow that to ebb away as we begin to develop what we believe to be understanding and intellectual understanding.

We already have all we need to have a fabulous life

To think that each minute that goes by, we have thinking which allows us to create believe and shaky understandings about how the world and life works. And to realise that all of those strategies and beliefs work up to a point, but there is so much more to life than just existing. But, yes, everything we need to have the best experience of life is already within us.

It is our choice. We are free-thinkers after all.

Best wishes and love, Kevin