Four Days of the Catastrophe - Part 14

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Part 14

I woke up around 3:00 in the morning, and I was feeling pretty good, so I got up and started to review the latest news. The most exciting news of the night was Professor Nikolay Yovkov, who was working at the University of Sofia Technical University, he argued that he communicated with the aliens who landed in the world with the meteorite. Prof. Yovkov stated that he received files from aliens with groundbreaking inventions in the electronic field and announced the internet address of the data containing this information. At the address he gave, there were dozens of papers, including some diagrams. I didn't know if these documents were about new inventions, so I looked through the files, copied the contents of some of them and searched them on Google, and found no clue contrary to the professor's claim. Comments on the internet made it clear that no one took him seriously. However, I've decided to take an in-depth look at the case by listening to my messenger feelings. I researched the history of the Bulgarian professor on the internet, and looked at some articles he published about the specialty of superconducting electronics. Of course, my technical knowledge was not enough to assess the scientific papers. In fact, he looked like a wise man, and I didn't get any information that he had been involved in a crime in the past, or that he had been making such unreasonable claims.

Bülent had put back the editorial board meeting for an hour due to an event to attend, and we were gathered at the HBR media center office at 8:30 in the morning to evaluate the issues on the agenda.

Despite all the efforts of the state, the hunger problem of the poorest sections of the population was the most critical item of the agenda. The Ministry of Agriculture was unable to cope with the black marketers who were not willing to sell food items at a price determined by the state. The distribution of food with the card had difficulties; the public does not only find the amount of food distributed low but also does not want to be satisfied with the provision of food at that meal. When this partial hunger situation was combined with the thought that the apocalypse was breaking, some religious-themed riots broke out in Anatolia. Fortunately, these insurgencies were successfully suppressed at the beginning stage.

The essential element of the world agenda was the famine in Africa and the Middle East and the refugee crisis. Unlike the previous disasters, this time Turkey had closed its borders entirely and declared that it would not accept refugees in the short term.

After the disaster, the communes in various cities of Greece and Paris were dispersed by police forces, and the deaths in the clashes that took place during the intervention led to significant street acts across Europe. It was argued that Europe was in a revolutionary situation, and the European governments were doing their best to meet the basic needs of the people, primarily food, without difficulty.

I saw that the claim that the Bulgarian professor had met the aliens who landed on Earth was not taken seriously by the editorial and author friends on the board. Nobody knew about him except our science editor-in-chief, Sena. Sena said that she applied to a scholar who would evaluate the documents professor published, but he needed at least a week to create a reliable opinion. Prof. Yovkov stated that he had earned money from crypto trade and talked about the resources he would spend for the poor. So I expressed that I would like to interview with him. Bülent's facial expression showed that he thought it would be an effort in vain -probably not to discourage my enthusiasm- he didn't talk in the opposite direction. So I got out of the meeting assigned to contact the professor.

Immediately after the meeting, I called The Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Research and told them that I wanted to discuss the claim of the Bulgarian professor. Atahan Özışık whom I spoke on the phone congratulated me on this decision, they were prepared to make a statement about the developments, it would be useful for the content of the report to be communicated by a large media group like ours, and we could discuss any time I want.

Half an hour later, I was sitting opposite to Atahan at The Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research Center. Atahan began by saying, “The truth we have expressed for years has finally been understood.” The expression of happiness on his face showed that he was sincere in his words.

“Indeed, our friends in the newsroom are didn't find Prof. Yovkov's claims convincing. They were even surprised when I said I wanted to investigate the matter. I want you to know that I don't have any prejudices about the issue.”

"We had identified the unidentified giant object before falling into the Sahara Desert and made a statement from our website and the social media accounts. Unfortunately, the press did not honor this news because of its prejudiced attitude. I wish they'd taken our warnings seriously; thousands of lives would have been saved.”

"How did you determine? Would you elaborate a little bit?”

“We have many friends who are observing space among the research center volunteers. Upon a tip reaching our center, we directed our main telescope to the location of the object, and we were able to view the object for a short time. Then, unfortunately, the cloud density in the air increased. And after the disaster, we were able to understand what happened, based on the images from the amateur space researchers around the world.”

“Are you saying that fallen mass is a spaceship?”

"Of course, we did not doubt it. Otherwise, an asteroid of that magnitude would have been detected months ago. It is impossible to hide an object that has been seen approaching the world for so long.”

“It is said that after entering the solar system, the object collided with another celestial object and changed direction.”

"Isn't that a great coincidence? It's just like the fact that something happened every ten million years just happened to us. And what a coincidence that the object has fallen into one of the regions where population density is the lowest in the world.

“It does not seem reasonable for me that a civilization capable of making such a large spaceship to drop it into the world and evaporate it. What are their goals?”

"We could only guess that until the explanation of the Bulgarian professor. Now we're sure they have deliberately dropped the ship into the world. In that ship, there were members of a superior alien race that was born and evolved at high levels of energy. During the explosion, their body found its presence, and a few days later, they began to help the peoples of the world.”

“Are you sure about this?”

How else can we explain that Prof. Yovkov suddenly has a vast fortune and shares his discoveries with the public? Scientists have not found the slightest inconsistency or deficiency in the published inventions.”

"Assuming what you say is true, how do we explain the deaths of thousands of people? I think a high civilization who wanted to help us should have found a better way to do that.”

"Just as monkeys can't interpret our actions, we can't accurately evaluate the methods of superior races. Besides, their capabilities may also have limits.

Was Prof. Yovkov involved in extraterrestrial intelligence? Why do you think they chose him? If I would like to communicate humans, I wouldn't pick a human being, but target world public opinion.”

"It is important that power comes into the hands of the righteous. If everyone learns everything at the same time, injustice and wickedness on Earth will continue. We have finally reached the days where all humanity will meet universal light.”

As a person who was skeptical about the thesis of people with strong beliefs, I was baffled. It seemed to me that those who believed aliens were not moving from facts to reality. Of course, I could have been wrong because I didn't have as much knowledge as Atahan Özışık about the subject. I've decided to meet Prof. Yovkov.

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