Everything but the Kitchen Sink

in life •  3 months ago


These days there is so much food wastage where fresh produce perished and uneaten cooked food turn bad. Then there are the canned or boxed stuff that we purchased and they remain in our pantry past their use by date. In the end such food end up in the food waste disposer or the garbage bin.

My mum used to remind me "want not, waste not". So true. The less fortunate may not even know when they could afford their next meal.


I try to limit the amount of foodstuff to buy. Plan my dishes so that I buy just what I need. I refrain from purchasing processed food to avoid overstocking the freezer or pantry. Even so, there are always leftovers or vegetables turning sad and yellow and ready to be disposed of.


So today's lunch would be everything left over in the fridge that is still edible except the kitchen sink. It's stir fried rice vermicelli and noodle with fishpaste, chicken slices, beans, Chinese spinach, fresh shiitake mushroom. After some further consideration, why not top the meal with a fried egg since there are so many eggs in the fridge. Make it a fully loaded protein lunch!


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