End of another busy day ......

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Enjoy Life

Today is one of the busiest days of my working carrier. Spent about 16 hrs infornt of a computer doing coding and debugging. While I was on the bed to have my usual 5hr sleep, I got to think about the meaning of life.
"Why we are working so hard ?"
"Is this the life ?"

Live Work Laugh
Live Work Laugh
Live Work Laugh
Live Work Laugh

This is how I spent my day 27th of February 2018 (Monday)

  • Went to work place at about 9 am
  • had a meeting with my team
  • coding
  • had my luch
  • coding
  • debuggin
  • documentation
  • came home at about 1 am

We are being moved my the fast moving money intended society. Since the very first day at school we learned how to compete with others.



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