Sex Is BORING Until You Learn The Art Of Erotica

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From The Desk Of Mr Grey

As many of you know and as you can tell from my alias (@mrgrey) I am a S & M Dominant and I have been for many years and to be honest I would not have it any other way, people laugh when I say sex is boring ! thats is sex without erotica, without fun and games without testing the limits, why settle for boring missionary style or over rated doggy style when you can feel so much more, be so much more and want so much more ?

Let Me Ask You A Question !

What is the difference between relationships with and without kink ?

The Truthful answer is kinky people are just those who are honest with themselves ! those that allow their inner beast to come to the surface, those who put away all inhibitions and get what they want instead of dreaming of it all their lives!

Be More - Feel More......Learn The Art Of Erotica

Many may think that erotica is a form of porn, well dont think for a minute this is true, erotica is about being sexy, exploring your imagination, allowing yourself to feel, erotica certainly is not crude but it is direct, most of all erotica is the priming of ones own mind and that of your partners to feel as you never have felt before and trust me if done right you WILL orgasm like you have never before which inevitably leads to humping like it was your last day on earth and not being able to stop until your sexual organs feel as though they have carpet burns.

She Orgasmed Without Me Touching Her

To illustrate how powerful erotica can be there have been many incidents in my life where I have made a woman orgasm without even touching her.....did you even know this is possible men ? well it is and I have proved it over and over again ! A woman's post powerful sexual organ is her mind, in BDSM circles Dominants know this truth all to well but the best part is you do not have to be in that lifestyle to experience it.

My Advice For Men

Dominate her body and her mind will wonder, Dominate her mind and her body will follow !

This is a simple truth guys, learn to work with your partners imagination, do not be crude about it but be sexy, paint scenarios in her mind, flow with her desires, forget touching her body for a while instead rather capture her thoughts of what could be, this will not only work for her but you will feel the results within yourself also as she repond's allow the sexual tensions to build until one day it explodes into a furious back scratching, shoulder biting fury that you never imagined.

My Advice For Woman

Stick your hand in his pants and you will have him on your leash forever

Men are simple creatures but sexually not the brightest although they think they may be, so you will need to drop him little crumbs along the way which hint at your sexual desires, your inner most wants, your fantasies as much as your mind is your greatest sexual organ his is also although where 90% of it is in your head, his 90% sits in his pants, the 10% remaining though is always open to sexual stimulation so paint your pictures in his mind until one day he is about to explode in his pants.

This is only part one of what I hope will turn into a series of posts depending on interest, so if you want more please upvote and get your friends to upvote and follow if there is sufficient interest I will show you a whole different world with many more secrets to come.

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Very good post. Look forward to more.

Thank you luzcypher

awesome post Mrgrey keep them coming

Thank you afristeem

what the what?


I remember a few of your post touching on very deep religion.. never assumed anything about you because of it but I thought I had an idea of who you were...

Then There Was This

Wow, I don't know what to think but I do have to say.. Kickass job on a great post but I personally think you should have left the NSFW hashtag out and just put it in the title...

I don't see this heavy enough to earn that hashtag and I believe you might have hurt the reward but that's just my opinion.. either way, good stuff.. keep it up

lol @mrwang it is all part of my 50 shades bud and it is really hard to explain how it all comes together in this case there was allot I did before marriage until I met the one person who I can honestly say loved me first, now I explore all this within my marriage, I do have a deep religious side and beliefs but believe it or not it strongly supports my S&M lifestyle :)

Thank you for your opinion on the tag my friend and for the vote.

All I can say is WOW!

Thank you :)

@mrgrey I love your deep, open and rich ways, you´re going to educate a lot of people, I like how you shine flickering many facets of your soul, and you love love, you honor life.

Hello @elissahawke thank you for your kind comments and deep insight, I will be looking forward to your future comments :)

Followed my friend. Thank you

thank you cardiff

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