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Driving back home today (quite a feat after Irma) zig zagging to avoid blocked roads this is what I saw in my neighborhood. These guys are my heros! So many electric power company crews from all over the country started pouring into Florida yesterday to help get the power back on to residents. I saw a crew from Texas first and then many others arrived including our provider. There were also law enforcement volunteers known as the "chainsaw gang" going around cutting the trees that had blocked roads.


Part of the issue with power being out is the outages are so widespread when the trucks began to arrive today carrying gasoline so many are without power the pumps cannot be operated. Florida residents coming back heading south where huge populations evacuated (like Miami) clog the interstates causing huge backups and long lines. Not to mention the locals and townies as we are called these day trying to get gas just to go to work. Trickle down theory in action!


It's day 3 without power and I have yet to see ice anywhere as of tonight. You never know what you miss until it's gone and hopefully soon normalcy will return. I know these are 1st world problems as they say, but some seem necessary like toilet flushing, food not spoiling, and a hot shower.

The power company guys are working day and night to restore electricity to Florida. For that I am grateful!

All text and photographs owned by @mother2chicks

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thx for sharing

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🙌🏻love you friend! I hope everything goes back to normal sooner than expected


❤️Me too, power still out as of 9/13🐓 It was a tad warm today-89 with no breeze!


Oh friend, how are the hens?


They are unscathed and were relieved to be out of the coop after spending 2 days up in the roosting area. Poor things. You doing alright?

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best of wishes on getting things back to as normal as can be, glad you are safe


Thanks so much. We are just enjoying a little indoor camping until the power comes back. We were lucky and we know it. Could have been a lot worse. .🐓🐓

Yes, we often take things like electricity for granted and don't realize how good we actually have it at times. I'm glad you survived this round to battle the next.


Don't tell me there is another one out there! Yikes! Now that would be scary. Hope you two are well and enjoying a slight change of season. Your friend. 🐓🐓

I'm shocked I missed this post, and am really glad it did so well! Great work describing the situation post Irma, @mother2chicks. "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got til it's gone"....

Love you 😊😊

hate when that happens!,


Me too🐓😉

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Pretty much the beauty of America.

Various crews coming together to get society functioning again after several natural disasters. 1 town at a time.


Indeed! Thanks for coming by.🐓

I totally understand you thought. The 0ower will be back on asap I am sure. Stay safe sending best wishes to all Floridians,


We are fine. These guys are working hard 16 hours a day. You can't ask for better than that. 🐓🐓

glad is want' so bad and you're safe, but i feel ya with how frustrating things can be to fix after the mess!

@mother2chicks Great submit. Hardwork pays a lot more so preserve Functioning tough!.

It is definitely amazing to see the hard work they are putting in to restore the power and getting everyone back up and going again. Hopefully all is good soon and you all are living normal lives again. :)


Normalcy is good. It came back on today 9/10 and I am grateful. Thanks so much for coming by and offering support.🐓


Excellent and I am glad. You're welcome, always good to support those affected however you can.