Mancave live brocast!

in life •  17 days ago

Live Brocast tonight at 10 PM GMT.

Mancave bros will be on you tube tonight to have a live discussion. The discussions will include topics such as middle age, mental health and education. Theses topics will be discussed with a male perspective in mind but it is in no way limited to men only it ain't that type of thing. The man cave is the brain child of @raymondspeaks and is a multi platform community with mens topics at its core. You can check out the website here. You can also pop along to the discord server here. Brocoin is the offical token for the Mancave and there is bounties a plenty including some easysocial tokens ( I have been told) up for grabs tonight! So why not pop on over to the You tube channel and have a listen in.

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