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Ever imagined what if you were doing something else in your life?
What if instead of Engineer you were a Doctor or instead of Journalist you were a Celebrity?
The universe has so many options for us, still, some hard but indispensable decisions land us to something we never desire at all. But do you ever ask yourself why did you fall into such trap? Why have you dragged away from your passion under peer pressure? We all know the answers but either our soul is dead or we are feared to open up our desires.

Swimming, Painting, Drawing, Playing were some of the top hobbies that gave me happiness in childhood. I was so enthralled by the adventure of doing all sort of things apart from studies and just live life happily. But you can’t get away easily from studies if you are from an Indian family.

I studied well, excelled the boards, got into my dream college. But my passion for doing something artistic never left me. I kept moving and climbing stairs towards becoming something in my life but the regret of leaving some precious things behind always haunted me down. I joined junior college away from my home when I was 17. A whole new chapter in life as I stepped out from my school culture to college environment. Made new friends, and did a lot of new things apart from attending college. At first, it seemed amazing how people from various different schools, cultures, colorful personalities come under one roof and study the same thing. Lately understood the fact that almost half of us were suffering from same thing “Peer Pressure”. I was slowly adapting to this new culture but soon was exposed to reality as the moment I felt comfortable in college; it was over. I had to move on to another college for my degree.
By now I had moved from 2 different institutions and changed innumerable career options. I always felt muddled when someone asked me about it and I disregarded to play safe.

“Sheep are always in a flock, they follow the leader”. Similarly, I followed other tons of students studying engineering and our leader was that random son of some aunt from our mother’s circle who just landed a job in some MNC after engineering. I was out of choice as passion inside me was disintegrated and finally, studies became my only priority. I had to change my entire life and move on from my hobbies to studies. After college, time was wasted in lingering around the lanes with friends. I had a lot of content in my mind that I wanted to portray in my style but a labyrinth of thoughts and situations always distracted me from my passion.

I kept changing my mind regarding my future aspects and never got any straight answer. Part of me wanted to study further and earn money to help family and another part just wanted to travel, explore, dive into the maze of cultures and find a way out understanding it all. After so many ups and downs in life, I finally decided to move on. Took a decision so that both the parts of me can adjust and moved to the United States for further studies.


I was 23, when I moved to States, animated and adrenalized as the whole lifestyle was going to change. From pre-trip to post-trip the excitement was increasing linearly. States changed me drastically; my opinions, views, likes-dislikes, priorities everything changed.
It helped me to revive from inside. I studied for 2 years but simultaneously I explored myself. I sensed that I still love traveling, swimming, writing and a lot of things that brings me peace and happiness. Realized that Passion was not dead inside me but just suppressed for a time being. Besides that, I enjoyed the diversity in everything around me; different food culture, different people. I perceived everything minutely, learned it, accepted it. Staying with 6 strangers with altogether different personalities taught me a lot more in life. I completed my studies and landed a good job that gives me the opportunity to travel to client places in addition to exploring different cities. Things were running smooth until one day it became monotonous. Work for 40 hours a week and then sleep and on weekends rest or chill. Sometimes we used to have house parties or outings but that too for a short period.

Now when finally my soul was awakened; this dull and wearisome life was killing it again. But this time, I decided not to change for money or in peer pressure. I manifested to move on for myself, for tranquility. I locked my resolution in mind and waited for a perfect time. Went back 10 years down the memory lane and found myself running through everything, moving out to different colleges, moving on from friends that don’t talk anymore but still you want to be friends, moving out from problems that I don’t care anymore, moving on from the girl I loved but got rejected, moving on from all that issues physically & mentally I suffered in past some years and survived with the help of some people around.

I turned 25 this year and I am still moving on from one place to another just in the search of my inner soul because life never stops; it goes on until you are dead technically. It is in your hands if you want to stay where you are and adjust into it or find happiness by going out in the maze and get lost so that you find yourself at some other place. So i decided not to settle in States, just move on and do what I like. May be I will not earn that much elsewhere but at least I will earn my happiness, my peace, my life back.

Moving on just means to move from situations that takes away your happiness so that you find inner peace. I found my inner peace in travelling to places and trying out new adventures, new food and new challenges that comes to life; so that it makes me strong in all situations of my life. If money is important for luxuries, than happiness is important to make that luxuries worth. So today it is in your hand to choose wisely that are you happy earning six figures, riding a BMW and living alone in the midst of thousands of such people or like me you also want to find your inner soul that has hidden deep inside you. Find your inner soul and ask just one question: Are you ready to move on?

“the World never stops, moving on its way,
They applaud if you win, criticize if you lose.
You detached or attached to it doesn’t matter.

Keep moving on your purpose, the world will follow.”
-Words by Din


25 is the real beginning)

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