Bots, Speed-limits, and The King’s Highwayman.

in life •  9 months ago

I drive a lot, days on end, and was ruminating on speed limits; how they probably cause more problems then they solve. In areas where the speed limits are high, few people speed; where they are low, most everyone does. This causes tension I can see from the cab of my truck, and tension causes accidents.


Further, they keep people on the roads longer than they needed to be, increasing congestion and all its attendant woes.


Even in today’s world I think reckless driving combined with "suggested" speeds could fill any need regarding idiots.

But then I got thinking self-driving cars are going to change all that anyway. Given enough data, autonomous vehicles should be able to navigate much faster than we can, so speed limits will be even more ridiculous. Will these bots bring about an idea whose time has come?


But then, what will the Taxation via Citation crowd do?



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